Yonderland : A Rising Tide

Yonderland is one of the blogs favourite TV series and this Sunday it came back to start its third series. As funny and fresh as always we continue the journey of Debbie Maddox in the faraway land of Yonderland.

It was lovely to see the whole cast back together. Debbie (Martha Howe-Douglas) and Peter (Dan Renton Skinner) are as hapless a pair in the real world as they have always been with Peter being offered a new job that means the Maddox’s would have to move to Glasgow. After finding her meaning in life though you can understand why Debbie is a bit worried about leaving her home and her connection to Yonderland.

Yonderland itself is enjoying its freedom with a new face joining the Elder’s in the shape of Cuddly Dick (Stephen Fry) who plants the seed into Debbie’s head that she is no longer needed. After going to save a tiny village from the horrors of a flood, needing to do little more then turn off a tap, Debbie feels that the words of Cuddly Dick are true and that the people of Yonderland might not need her as much now that Imperatrix is gone. Unfortunately a new terror is set to take over Yonderland and Negatus (Simon Farnaby) finds his home the meeting place of all the Evils of the world so that they can be introduced to their new ruler….

The season opener was as wonderful as it ever is. Why I’ve always loved anything this group have done is because of the seamless word play interwoven into the episodes. Its so very funny and delivered perfectly. Its also so very imaginative in everything it does. The Tuneatula (OK I made the spelling up for it!) for instance was such a simplistic idea, based wordplay that worked perfectly. The resolution of the problem, to hand him a phone with music on so that he can learn more then one song, was simplistic but played a much bigger role then you could imagine. For a start he’s answering her phone, the comedy moment of him not even knowing how to use it and then in the longer picture being part of the reasoning Debbie uses to why she isn’t needed anymore.

There was so much to love about the episode.

I loved Negatus, I think his parts were the best. When he was playing the virtual reality game it made me laugh so much as did the scene in the bathtub. Him losing his purpose just to be called to action when he thinks everyone is there for him to lead them is great and Farnaby is always one of the funniest part of every episode (the well timed “Cast off the Robes” really made me feel like Yonderland was really truly back.)

To be honest I never thought about what would happen after the prophecy ended. It wasn’t until Cuddly Dick mentioned it that it ever became a thing, I just guessed that new trouble would show up or that Debbie herself would just keep coming to help people. Its a interesting way to defeat her, now the main evil is gone taking over from the shadows whilst reminding Debbie that actually everything she’s really done in Yonderland isn’t that special is a very clever way of doing what Imperatrix couldn’t.

It is great to have the series back and can’t wait to see the next episode.


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