Red Dwarf XI : Officer Rimmer

Series 11 has been a lot of fun so far and I feel like with a title like Officer Rimmer we’re in for another great episode.

I think I’ve made it clear this season that Rimmer is probably my favourite character and any time when there are multiple Rimmers (and there have been a few times now!) I’m a happy girl.

Officer Rimmer, for me, didn’t disappoint with the long awaited promotion and power trip that followed for everyone’s favourite hologram.

First off I think the People Printer was hilarious, it was a great visual gag with the printer jamming and the Officer’s face being printed on top of his head, it worked so well for me because of my natural hate of printers and the problems that arise using them all the time. It was something everyone has been through with it but having it happen whilst printing a human was just genius.

Why is it not surprising that Rimmer’s promotion came from a act of cowardice and deception? The morality of what he did and how he was promoted never hits Rimmer who instantly goes into power hungry mode and doesn’t switch off. From making a Captains only elevator and corridor to deciding to print off lots of copies of him to fill up the Captains lounge. Everything about the episode hit the right spots, it was the perfect pay off to a very long awaited moment when Rimmer finally got some power.

Whilst Chris Barrie really ramped up Rimmer’s unlikableness, and I’ll never get over the Barbershop Quartet, it was Llewellyn’s Kryten that made the episode so good. From him trying to get across to Rimmer that the way he should be honest about what he did to him trying to creep around after the Rimmer’s later on. I love every moment with Barrie and Llewellyn and they were on fire in this episode.

I felt the ending was very rushed though, the Rimmer Monster was great but the payoff to all the build up disappeared when it cut off just as Lister and co were blowing it up. It was the only negative in such a great episode. Personally I felt they could have ended the episode with Rimmer resigning and the monster disappearing as they were pretty much all programmed to obey Rimmer and if Rimmer was no longer the Officer in charge their jobs would have been done, even with a malfunction. Or at least something after they defeated the monster would have been fun, some payback to the pains that he put the others through.

Other then that I enjoyed it, it was one of my favourites of this season and continued the upward trend. It might not be the best Red Dwarf has ever been but its close to it.

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