Red Dwarf XI : Krysis

Everyday is a different adventure on board Red Dwarf but here’s a new one for you. What happens when a Mechanoid has a midlife crisis?

There is something so sweet about this episode. It was such a cute look at Kryten and who he is. It also made the episode that much more funny.

For me the opening moments with the guys around the table listening to Kryten talk about him losing his interest in cleaning was one of those moments that I just love where beyond all the name calling and stupidity you can see just how much the group care about each other.

What better way to fight a midlife crisis then try to find someone doing worse then you and laugh? Well that is how they try to break the midlife Krysis by going to visit Butler on another Nova ship. This goes wrong when they find out that left on his own Butler has become a artistic genius who has the Universe on speed dial. The episode goes from laughing at Kryten and his updated red suit and trying to reconnect to his youth to feeling sorry for him as he has to listen to just how well Butler is doing compared to him.

Robert Llewellyn really made the episode. It has always been easy to love Kryten, even when he’s trying to be egotistical, belligerent or anything else he attempts to be there is such a cheeky sparkle about the character that you can’t dislike him, seeing him going through his Krysis is sad especially when he is constantly in Butler’s shadow. Even at the end when he thinks he’s gotten one up on Butler by talking to the Universe and giving it a midlife crisis just to find out that Butler set everything up for him to meet the Universe ended the episode on such a funny note.

Dominic Coleman was a great addition as Butler, there have been some great guest stars in Season 11 but I think Butler is going to be the best in what will be a very personal adventure I will love to relive again and again. Since it premiered on UKTVPlay I have watched it a good four or five times I enjoyed it that much.

The episode was a lot of fun but I don’t think I will ever get over Rimmer basically asking the Universe for his ID. The fact that the Dwarfers gave the Universe a midlife crisis is just perfect.

In the end it came down to Kryten having to figure out that because of our ability to love then life is worth living. A lovely end to the story. The moral of the story “We’re all in the same boat but even though the boat has a hole in it at least we get to see the sea.” Well said Kryten, well said.

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