Ash vs Evil Dead : The Morgue

The team are back and now they are back with Ruby on their side and the job to find the Necronomicon that she’s hidden away for safe keeping.

We see the group splitting into two, with the main cast still not fully trusting Ruby it was only natural that they didn’t want her coming to find the Necronomicon with them which left her and Pablo at Ash’s parents house whilst he and Kelly goes to the Morgue to cut the book out of a corpse that its been left in.

Bruce Campbell continues to be the funniest man on TV and I will probably say that every week. Him reminiscing about sleeping with someone just to find out his father is now sleeping with her, the “look first, cut after” moment and getting trapped in the corpses ass all sound over the top and pretty much were over the top but worked because its Bruce Campbell/Ash its happening to.

Whilst Pablo doesn’t get any breaks when left with Ruby it was great to see Ash and Kelly bond. They’ve always been very similar even though it took her a while to warm up to him or really come into her own in the first season. I like the relationship that they have now and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here, its disturbing in how they’ve bonded over violence and all but still nice. It would be nice for them to be able to spend more time together as its obvious that Pablo and Ruby are going to have their own problems what with Pablo having premonitions about Ruby’s ex rising.

Another action packed episode.

Pablo’s premonitions are interesting, they’ll hopefully come into play big time this season, he’s already given them a heads up on what is going to happen next and what their next plan of attack should be, the fact that something always goes wrong means that after all the work they went through to get the book back Ash and Kelly managed to lose it again when teenagers they pissed off stole the Oldsmobile.Β There are two ways I can see Pablo going, either he’s going to use these new powers to really help or he’s going to start to not believe what’s happening right in front of his eyes.

I’m also very happy to see Ash’s father sticking around as they have a good back and forth between the two of them and it would be nice at some point for at least his father to forgive him and believe in him though under his grouchiness his father seems more pissed that Ash ran away instead of stand up to what was happening to him leaving him to sort Ash’s mess out for him.

Episode ends with them where they started the episode, without the Necronomicon but this time they haven’t got a clue where it is going to end up.


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