Ash vs Evil Dead : Home

We didn’t review season one on here but everyone watched it so we decided we’d go ahead and review the second season anyway.

Season one ended with Ash agreeing to leave town and go to Jacksonville for a peaceful life whilst Ruby was left to release the evil. We all knew this was a bad decision. Everyone knew apart from Ash.

What I loved about the first season is Bruce Campbell’s ability to just be funny no matter what. From mixing up sayings, being a lovable jerk or just getting everything wrong Ash Williams is a character you just love to follow around and laugh at. “Home” doesn’t feel like there has been any gap between it and the finale of the first season at all, the group are back at their brilliant best from the moment we join them working at a bar in Jacksonville to being asked by Ruby (Lucy Lawless) to help her retrieve the Necronomicon and send her babies back to hell.

We learn a little more about Ash as we have to return to his home town of Elk Groove, Michigan to fix his mistakes. It seems he’s been running from the town that don’t believe him and in fact have nicknamed him Ashy Slashy with its own really stupid song. In fact he’s become a bit of a boogeyman by the looks of things. No one is happy to see him, not even his own father.

The episode had a bit of everything you’d want from it. All the comedy and all the action. The Deadites look just as cool as before and we start with Ruby being attacked and end with Ash and crew killing one.

So many good moments make it a great opening episode. I liked that it seems that hardly any time has passed, it hasn’t really let anyone settle down and hasn’t advanced anyone’s lives. Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) are working at a bar with Ash, moments after talking about how they don’t trust Ruby she proves them right after sending Deadites to Ash to bring him back to Elk Groove. The chemistry of the main three characters has always been what makes the show so good, Kelly’s blood thirst seems to be as high as ever whilst poor Pablo seems to be having waking nightmares after nearly being turned into the new cover for the Necronomicon. Together with Ash they bumble their way to Ruby’s side, surprisingly getting there in one piece physically if not mentally and actually saving the day.

Still a lot of work to be done before you can say they’ve saved the world but saving Ruby and making a new Truce with her is a step forward.


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