Bloodivores : Hemomancy

Episode 3

A very different kind of prison was awaiting Mi Liu when he woke up in episode 2 now we need to see if he can escape.

The series continues to be quite dull compared to its promise. I’ve lost all hope of present Mi Liu being anything more then the dull person he is. Unfortunately he is the Child of Peace so we get to see him not reacting and generally being rather annoying through the episode.

Hemomancy isn’t really described or even that important in this episode. It turns out that a lot of these people might be Hemomancers but other then having “special abilities” that is all we are given. It looks like the Hemomancers will save the main group who blasted through the doors to freedom just to find it blocked off.

Mi Liu, Anji and Cho Ifen make their escape, Cho Ifen luckily seeing Mi Liu would have left her if Anji hadn’t told him to save her, through a air duct and found themselves in a abandoned office.

The relationship between Anji and Cho Ifen went from normal to strange extremely fast and unless Cho is going to turn around and be some kind of convicted sexual offender or something then I’m going to be annoyed. Why? Because what normal person after being attacked by a group of monsters would then basically sexually abuse another survivor? As soon as they felt they were all clear her attitude changed. She went from being scared to being comfortable enough to grab Anji’s breasts and just generally beΒ a asshole about it all.

When they were left to do whatever it is the writer thinks they are doing, Mi Liu finds a map surrounded by photos of himself and his family and completely ignores the fact that there are photos of him and his family on the wall to grab hold of the map. The map shows a building plan that was meant to be complete 2 years from the present time but looked abandoned for at least 50. The Synonym of the series “Space Time Prisoner” now starts to make a little more sense. We then get another flashback to times when Mi Liu actually had a personality and saw the harshness of the world when his class, teacher and even father abandoned him. All this to tell us that he’d heard of Aori before during this struggle that nearly killed him.

It continues that annoying feeling that I can’t decide whether I enjoy the series or not.

All the pieces are there for it to be enjoyable but Mi Liu is not a interesting character, sure his backstory is and his point of being in the series is but he as a character is dull. The others don’t get nearly enough time and nothing either characterwise or storywise have really clicked so far. Now I just want to get the whole cast out of the warehouse and actually doing something instead of what we have.

It really is a strange one.


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