Bloodivores : Awakening

Episode 2

The first episode of Bloodivores seemed to set the series up but it was difficult to tell whether we enjoyed it or not. The second episode therefore should be extremely interesting.

We get to see the fate given to the characters last episode, it wasn’t a quick death like they thought but a fate worse then that. They have been imprisoned with other Bloodivores on death row in Aori, a prison made just for them. Rules are set out by a robotic Anji which tells them to play nice and survive before bringing them face to face with monsters that kill most of the group.

The episode started with Liu being introduced to the world at age 5 as the Child of Peace and ended with him nearly getting killed just for some strange stuff to happen and Shin Lee, a assassin that Mi meets in his holding cell when he wakes up, to pronounce him a Hemonancer.

What that actually means we’ll have to wait till next episode but I feel its going to be the only way that they survive.

I’m still not sure with the show.

Liu Mi isn’t the easiest character to care about. That isn’t to say there aren’t interesting characters there or that he is indeed a uninteresting character, but the more you learn about him the less of a character he seems to become. He was quite aloof in the first episode and whilst he showed a momentary flash of interestingness in this episode it was squashed when Anji showed up and instead given to Chen. The group seemingly expands now to a possible 6 with Lee and Cho Ifen joining the four from the first episode but there hasn’t been a moment really meshing them together. A lot of cool ideas for characters just floating in the air.

The story itself is starting to settle. The first episode seemed to try to introduce us to a lot of the information we need to know, like what are Bloodivores and what the world outside of this prison looks like right now and how easy it is for these people to be sentenced to death. The second episode introduces what I can only guess is going to be the main point of the series and that is surviving a prison that seems set up to kill the whole cast off. They can’t kill each other else their collars will explode, they also can’t kill these monsters in front of them either.

Whether it is a prison or a experiment I’m not quite sure but it hasn’t really settled properly yet for me to know whether its enjoyable or just plain boring.

I believe when all the pieces join together its going to be a seriously engrossing story with extremely different and interesting characters but right now everything is up in the air.

Lots of questions without any answers and before anyone could ask for those answers, or should I say someone who isn’t a violent psychopath, they started to be killed.

Its a hard episode to get into, overall a hard anime to get into, but I feel it’ll settle down to be something amazing as long as we continue with it.


One thought on “Bloodivores : Awakening”

  1. As much as I haven’t really enjoyed the first couple of episodes there’s just enough hints that maybe there is something interesting coming that I’m kind of stuck watching just to see if it unfolds. Personally, I feel this is just setting myself up to be disappointed if it never delivers but at least for now there’s enough happening in the show that I won’t drop it even if I’ll complain about the execution of the story so far.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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