American Horror Story Roanoke : Chapter 5

It seems to be the final episode of Roanoke before the big twist everyone is looking forward to happens. The story of a house haunted by a spirit known as the Butcher continues to be told in a dramatic re-enactment.

Matt and Shelby STILL have not left the house.

We start with the long awaited return of Evan Peters playing the actor playing Edward Philippe Mott, the man who not only built the house but in the ancestor of Freak Show bad guy Dandy Mott.

Doris Kearns Goodwin started the episode giving us a low down on Mott, why he built the house and what happened to him before we flash back to the present time in the re-enactment and where we left off Chapter 4. With the Millers trapped and the Butcher ready to kill them.Β The episode told the last part of the story, how the Millers got away, and of course it wasn’t going to be easy.Β The ghost of Mott helps them escape the house just to be found by the Polks who we learn have been working for the Butcher all along. They are finally freed and able to escape after Lee arrives and the ghostly clan of Tomasyn White revolt to save them.

Why did Ambrose decide to revolt? Probably something to do with the Butcher choosing Flora to be the first victim, he didn’t want to kill another innocent person but why it took them this long to stop the Butcher I don’t know.

The Millers have finally told their story so you can only guess that the re-enactment part of the series is now over. What the direction of the story is after this we don’t have a clue but it truly will be a series of two halves. Having to remember that all this actual story we’ve seen so far have been with actors is hard at times. If the re-enactment part has now ended it will be interesting to see what part the re-enactors will have to play. Kathy Bates made quite a boring character like the Butcher work, personally I find the story of Tomasyn White had been stretched too much when just a glimpse of what happened to her would have been enough. A woman abandoned by men who gave herself to Scathach and who kills to keep her land safe is enough. Other then a brief explanation from someone about why Mare Winningham would be a great real life Butcher I can’t see anyone else being the Butcher. Winningham/Bates might work as might Bentley/Wittrock. I don’t think anyone could do a better job of Mama Polk then Frances Conroy who stole the episode as the head of a cannibal family. The same can be said for Peters as Edward Philippe Mott. The two of them were so good.

I guess we’ll see, there are theories ranging from the re-enactors turning on the Millers and bringing them back, the Millers going back for odd reasons or the re-enactors being possessed themselves by the ghosts of those they played (which would end the need for “real life” version of those characters) but until Chapter 6 we just won’t know.

I thought Chapter 5 was the best so far of Roanoke, the series has slowly become one of my favorites. I don’t know what the point of the Sadako/Samara ghost was or even who she was meant to be (a Japanese inspired ghost effect for one of the Taiwanese family members?) but it was actually one of the scariest moments for quite a while (going back to probably the body coming out of the mattress in episode 1 of Hotel) and even though it was oddly placed I liked it. The effects on Mott as he walked the Millers out of the house was really nicely done and I liked the use of the AHS music playing over the scene as well.

It was the Polks that really made the episode quite as gruesome as it was though. From just the grimey house they live in to them chopping up Elias and eating him to Mama Polks revenge on Shelby everything they did just made them that more scary. As I said above it would be hard to see another person playing Mama Polk as Frances Conroy stole the whole episode.

What happens next is a mystery but one I’m itching to see.


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