Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : Collect Magical Candies!

Episode 2

“Majikaru Kyandī o Atsumeyou!” (マジカルキャンディーを集めよう!)

Magical Girl Raising Project started off just a sweet little Magical Girl anime. A beautifully animated piece on a game that transformed its most worthy players into Magical Girls. Regardless of sex, which I thought was a nice touch.

By the end of the episode though we learnt that we’d be saying goodbye to eight of the Magical Girls as Fav decided to half the number in this district.

For 99% of the episode nothing bad or out of place happened. Fav explained that the culling of numbers was because the Magical Girls worked off the magic in the land and so many would suck it all out really fast. The girls were obviously confused as to why he’d then still appoint another girl but he just says the contract was made before so had to go ahead.

To keep their status as a Magical Girl the girls have to fight it out with their good deeds. The person with the lowest amount of candy at the end of the week loses their powers.

All sounds fair and above board really. Nothing to worry about, nothing to be scared about.

So the episode let us meet and get to know some other members.

Ripper (Kano Sazanami) and Top Speed (Tsubame Murota) both get a little more time, we also see how they become a pair when Calamity Mary got a bit put out with Top Speed getting out of line and offering to train Ripper when Mary wanted to herself. I both love and dislike Calamity Mary, whilst I am not the first to complain about what outfits characters wear or anything like that I was looking forward to a cool Cowboy look and got something that barely resembles a Cowboy. Her attitude on the other hand was all you’d want from a Outlaw and I don’t see any of the group having a friend in Mary.

There was also Nemu (Nemu Sanjou) whose power let her help people in their dreams, the problem she had was that her candies in dreams only applied for dreams so in reality she’d have to go out and help, something she didn’t really want to do.

I thought she was in trouble until I met Ruler (Sanae Mokuou) and her sorry bunch who seem to be struggling too.

It was nice to get a glimpse into the lives of the others, to see how they work together or don’t work together and to be able to pick out the eight that might not make it to the end. Other then Calamity Mary they seem like a lovely bunch of girls and you kind of want to get to know them all better. Its a shame that they are going to start disappearing before we get to really know them.

When the dust all settles though we find out that it is Nemu that has to go. Whilst she might have earned a lot of candies in the dream world she hadn’t left the dream world. You find out that she’s pretty much reclusive but had decided that she needed a better life then just being a NEET so losing her powers was like a kick up the rear end for her. Fav tells her she can enter one last dream as her powers last till Midnight and the next morning her mum finds her dead.

Its like the ultimate non-disclosure agreement really. I’m guessing the reasoning behind killing them is going to be so that they can’t say anything about Magical Girls. After all its one thing people thinking they are real and taking blurry photos of them and another completely to have someone saying they WERE a Magical Girl. It was the first taste of the “thriller” aspect of the series, it looks like they might be told what is happening in the next episode, if not then it’ll be interesting to find out how they find out. It made it completely clear in this episode that no one knows the real person behind their Magical Girl persona other then Koyuki and Sho so no one is going to figure out that a dead girl is going to be Nemu, then again they did also pick the only girl that I can see who used her real name as her Magical Girl name so someone might pick it up in a news report if they aren’t too busy.

When they do find out I think life is going to be real bad for Koyuki.

Snow White has made a instant impact. She’s wanted to be a Magical Girl all her life so she more then anyone wants to be as helpful as she can be and with La Pucelle now on her side she’s able to go out and help people in even bigger need. Whereas she started small with cats and helping people across bridges now she’s helping them out of burning buildings.

That coupled with the fact we found out from Calamity Mary, Ripper and Top Speed that Magical Girls can hurt each other and “worst case scenerio” kill each other means that when people see Snow White going all out someone, if not Mary someone who might have that nasty side buried down or just be desperate, will decide the best way to stop her getting all the Magical Candies is taking her out themselves.

Visually it was good though. Having Fav say he’d deleted Nemu from the chat room and then the glitch when the Magical Girl phone was disappearing helped unnerve the viewer.

It was a great way to build up for the inevitable war that is going to start between Pairs and Factions and Calamity Mary. So can’t wait to see what they learn and how they learn it next episode.


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