Mawaru Penguindrum : I Love You

Episode 24

“Aishiteru” (愛してる)

You ready? Ready to find out everything we needed to know?

The episode was too much for me. It was just crazy. Everything was just kind of over the top artistic.

It was a very sad end to the show. It turns out that to save everyone both Kanba and Sho had to give up their fate. The Penguindrum actually is symbolic in a way, its the fate that Kanba and Sho shared when they were hidden away in boxes, the ever present “Fruit of Destiny” which just so happened to be a apple.

As Kanba and Sho sacrifice themselves, Momoka wins and nothing bad happens but Kanba and Sho disappear from the world. The world shifts a little bit so that people who were brought together are still together like Himari and Ringo their stories just change a little.

It really was the culmination of a series that went from easy to follow to bat shit crazy in a blink of a eye.

Artistically I think this is the most beautiful anime…. Actually no there is one other I’d say was more beautiful, but one of the most beautiful anime’s I’ve ever seen. The final episode took it to a whole new episode and the scene where Himari, Kanba and Sho are talking about what has happened in the Survival Tactic mode was so perfect. It was way over the top and I don’t know why it only ever was Himari that had to be naked but it worked.

Then it was sad.

It was nice that Sho and Kanba stayed together, that Masako got to dream about Kanba and Himari got a letter from her brothers and that Himari and Ringo still had each other. It was even nice that Tabuki and Yuri realised why they were kept on this planet and not Momoka was that as lost children who found the importance of being told they were loved that was their job. In a general sense it was the happiest ending ever, everyone got what they wanted and even though Kanba and Sho no longer belong in Himari’s world she’s alive and well and that was their only wish.

Not sure I truly get it though. It kind of went over my head. Too many people sharing too many destinies and some of the speeches made me think that the characters were way too shallow.

For instance the whole of the Survival Tactic speech just had me in mind of the family of three splitting up. When Sho gave Himari the Penguindrum it felt weird, in fact the last few episodes and distancing Sho and Kanba just went against everything you felt you knew about the characters and I didn’t like it much.

As endings go though it made me cry.

A journey I never thought I’d finish I have finally watched the entirety of Penguindrum. Next week as well as starting a new Flashback series I shall have my final thoughts on the series. Thank you for taking this journey into Destiny with me.

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