Pride Promotions : Return to Exeter Corn Exchange

So thanks to Hurricane Matthew the show was altered at the last moment and we didn’t get to meet the Boogeyman, as sad as that might sound Pride once more turned it to their own advantage and delivered a great evening of entertainment.


I really like that Pride have started using the time just before the show beings properly to either have a extra match or bring people down, like the House of Bones tonight, to talk about their matches or just gob off.

Always great to hear from Dom who seemed to be in a great mood seeing he no longer had to fight the Boogeyman. Apparently Dom is the scariest person around, I won’t argue with him when he’s got Lomaxx and Gideon backing him up. The tag team champions just said what they’ve been saying all along, that they will attempt to kill the Magnums in their street fight.

Safe to say the House of Bones are very confident in themselves.

Winners : Ultimo Tiger & Chris Andrews

This match came about, as Keizer told the world in his long winded way, after Charlie Garrett and Kelly Sixx both beat Tiger and Andrews last week in Tavistock but also decided to beat down on Tiger after his match. Whilst they felt confident with two wins just 7 days prior, Tiger and Andrews weren’t exactly looking at their losses and letting it get to them.

Match started off extremely well, some great moments and Tiger and Andrews had some quick tags and interesting moments. Even though both sides were meant to be equal with one heavyweight and one catch division guy you just can’t match up with Andrews so no matter who was in the ring with him he threw them around like they were little children. That included Tiger who got his customary chuck out of the ring onto their opponents that he always gets when he’s tagging with Andrews. Last week I’m pretty sure Garrett’s butt was hanging out by complete accident, this week his pants were pulled down and he took his time to pull them back up.

One thing that makes the Soul Society dangerous is that even when Keizer isn’t doing something it feels like they out number their opponents. When they managed to take control of the match and keep Tiger cornered the match started to drag a little. The guy behind me seemed to agree as well. When the tag came it was really needed and Andrews exploded out of the corner.

Wasn’t really impressed with the team work of the Soul Society, I like them because they are a lot of different personalities all meshed together but Garrett and Sixx didn’t work well. I’ve seen Tiger and Andrews tag before once or twice and they’ve got to the point where they are just really good together. Hell we even have named them the Tiger Sharks though I’ve pointed out chanting it makes it sound like Tiger Sucks so we possibly shouldn’t. Tiger and Andrews evened the score with the Soul Society and I can’t help but feel like Keizer might not be happy with this result.

Winner : Josh Knott

When I saw this match announced I was so very happy. Everyone knows I’m a PJ Jones fan, including PJ Jones himself it seems, so seeing him announced for a Pride show made me one very happy person. Him and Josh were great as a team, Jutler just basically had his butt kicked to tell the story of how to outsmart someone like PJ Jones.

That isn’t to say Jutler didn’t do anything but be beaten up, he was extremely impressive but the numbers were against him as Knott and Jones didn’t really wrestle against each other but took turns to show off how they’d beat up Jutler whilst trying to trick the other and get the pin.

As I’ve said before PJ Jones needs people to play off of who won’t try to out do him in the comedy. The guy spent most of the match maniacally laughing to himself, his trick of telling Josh that someone called him fat to attempt to get a pin when Josh wasn’t looking made me laugh every single time. The look on his face when Josh outsmarted him was one of respect as well as anger. Him and Josh just were brilliant.

The match suited PJ and Knott much more as they slowed it right down, not a bad match for Knott who will be in a triple threat at the end of the month anyway. Loved that he outsmarted Jones to get the win. It was a brilliant match.

After the match Josh brought out the Catch Division Trophy and started to tell us all important things about his visit to Disneyland before Tiger came out to claim his trophy. I do feel like it would’ve been cooler for Josh or even Kelly to take the trophy or even Darren just taking it off all of them. The whole small bit just made me look forward to that match so much more, I’m so happy I’m going to Taunton now because I’m telling you this match is probably going to be the best match this year. I love Tiger, and my new Tiger t-shirt, and think Josh has been on fire in recent months but I have to say my heart believes that trophy needs to go home with Kelly Sixx who I’m even going to go out on a limb and say is going to steal the show in Taunton. These three guys are just great and it was a nice touch to have them square off before their big match.

Winner : Eddie Ryan

The first two falls were over in a heart beat. I got a PM that I checked as the bell sounded for the first fall and before I’d even read it the fall had been won by Mr Massive. A 10 count later and the second fall had begun and not long after that Ryan had brought it to 1 all.  A part of me didn’t really get why they bothered with having a best 2 out of 3 match when the first two falls were over in a heart beat and pretty much forgotten about too.

After all that the match was probably the best match Ryan has had for his championship so far. Mr Massive really hit him with everything he had and there was large parts of the match you didn’t think Ryan was going to get back up again. Cyrus honestly just chucked him around the place and kept Ryan on the back foot for the majority of the match.

These two are always super impressive, they just chucked each other around the place. Eddie Ryan’s Suplexes are probably the most beautiful I’ve seen, he always hits them perfectly. It didn’t matter what Cyrus hit him with though he’d never stay down for long even if he had to drag himself back up, as he did, using his opponent. He gave as good as he got though. Finally it was Ryan that got the third fall and retained his championship to continue his reign at the top of Pride. It was such a good match.

After the match it was nice that Cyrus showed his respect to Ryan. Not sure what Mr Massive at Pride really is but the guy is genuinely just nice so it was the perfect end to this 7 day feud for them to shake hands respectfully. We then got told that Mr Massive is going to Taunton to fight Adam Rose whilst Eddie Ryan gets a 6 Man Hardcore Elimination match against Chris Andrews, Doug Williams and Bram, other members of that match to be announced at a later date (unless I missed someone, those are the only three I remember.)

Eddie Ryan didn’t look bothered. He’s got it.

Winner : UK Dominator

Well technically it was a match no matter how stupid. We had a boogeyman… That boogeyman being someone dressed up in a load of Halloween stuff. Poor thing got hit with the clock he came out with and pinned by a rather happy Dominator.

It was a terrible boogeyman impression to be honest. I can’t even pretend it was anything but terrible. After Dom won Darren basically begged for ANYONE in the back to come out and take on Dom. That anyone was the Rocker John Harding.

Winner : John Harding

First up I would like to say I really liked Harding’s new ring gear. The darker colours were pretty cool compared to the brighter colours I’m used to seeing him in.

You know what, this was actually a really good match. Karla had guessed Harding was going to be the guy facing Dom and none of us was really that interested in it but I was surprised by just how fun it was. Harding’s strength has always been getting a crowd behind him and it was no different tonight, though my niece wasn’t there to just scream his name for no reason which was a shame. She’d have loved to see him against Dom.

Dom wasn’t really able to slow Harding down who came flying at him and never let up. What made the matter better was that when Dom went for his usual underhand tactics, knowing him so well, Harding had himself covered. Literally. It was just a fun match which ended in a fun way and even though seeing the boogeyman would have been fun I doubt the match would have been much better then what we got.

Darren seemed to have way too much fun getting involved with the match at one point though, I have a feeling he was happy to get some revenge on Dom who had been a bit of a pain so far in the night.

Winner : Kat Von Kaige

So Kat von Kaige came out as part of the Soul Society which meant she had Keizer in her corner. She’s the perfect fit for that group and honestly loved her against Loxton. I didn’t really have much to say about Loxton after seeing her in Penzance as the match didn’t really do anything with her but man with a opponent she can actually fight with she’s amazing.

The guy behind me didn’t seem to appreciate the technical wrestling, it did start out a little slow but I loved seeing all the submission moves and reversals. I thought Kazza G was cool but Kat von Kaige was awesome. She’s another cool addition to Pride’s women’s division and again I hope we see her again soon as she could be dominant. Also nice to see a female in the Soul Society. Loxton didn’t let her have her own way though, specially loved seeing her just run into Kaige in the corner over and over again, Loxton is a juggernaut and once she’s moving its hard to stop her.

Probably won’t surprise anyone at all that Kaige cheated to win? I didn’t think it would surprise anyone that a match that had Keizer at ring side would end with someone cheating. I don’t think she needed her feet on the ropes anyway, it was a good debut from her even with the cheating. Also nice to see Loxton in a proper brawl.

Keizer getting angry and getting involved seems to have split opinion in the group I was in. Some people… Or me at least didn’t mind it too much, I mean he’s meant to be a asshole and getting involved in a woman’s match is hardly a stretch of the imagination for a guy like him. Nearly everyone else seemed to think it was in poor taste, apparently he’s had stories like this before. I don’t know. Possibly being non-binary and remembering the first time I saw Loxton was against a guy I’m not sure I care. After all I’m pretty sure if Loxton doesn’t like him getting involved and putting his hands on her then she’ll sort him out herself in the future. Girl did kick Mezinger’s ass and he’s much bigger (and meaner and uglier) then Keizer. Lets face it if he attempted that on Tiger or Andrews in the other Soul Society match he’d have got his ass kicked.

Winners : House of Bones

You have to have nothing but respect for both these teams because they just fought. You couldn’t keep up with the action it was all over the place. Of course the naughty people from Plymouth had brought their own weapons to share with the Magnums. Philip and Rich seemed to have emptied out Poundland of their kitchen section. The match started in the entrance as House of Bones came down, went up and down the stairs, round and round the ring, some finally got in the ring just for people to be thrown into a strange contraption made of chairs and more chairs by Gideon or chairs stacked in the corner. People where hit with all sorts, Lomaxx went through the normal crappy table, we thought we had thumbtacks… We actually had pick ‘n’ mix…. It was crazy.

At no point did anyone really have a advantage and House of Bones might have acted like they had the upper hand but they didn’t. These two teams have fought each other so much in the last few months that the Magnums just knew what was coming.

I even had to get out of my chair so Chris Walker could throw Lomaxx into the chairs we were all sat on.

In the end it ended with a horrible looking move after Gideon had taken the matting away and Dick Riley was dropped on his head. At some point I seem to have become distracted because Ed Dyer (the ref, not that I need to tell you this as we all love Ed here) got hit and knocked out or something. I feel bad because I completely missed it and got told about it on the train home and hope he’s OK. It was really the only ending for this match.

These two teams will meet one last time in Taunton. We learnt that Dom will be in the House of Bones corner and Scott Hall will be in the Magnums corner. I don’t know what I think is going to happen, I guess with Hall at ring side we’ll see cheating neutralised… Well House of Bones cheating anyway. Magnums did well to stay alive in this match and look a threat so I’m sure in a wrestling match with no weapons they could bring down House of Bones. I just don’t know but its going to be the end of a very long and pretty epic war between the two teams.


I finally got to meet PJ Jones who knew who I was and it worried me for a moment. I just kind of glared at him wondering how he knew my name. Meeting him just made me a bigger fan, poor Brogan tried to mess around with him and ended up getting scared. I was going to ask for a photo, then remembered I’d put my Tiger t-shirt on over the top of his t-shirt and decided not too. That guy is seriously the funniest.

The best part of the Meet & Greet though was getting to show Mr Massive my niece dancing to his music in her Cyrus t-shirt. Honestly she came home from school one day pretending to be him and we had no idea how much she loved him till that day. I brought her a t-shirt in Tavistock and wore mine to pick her up from school and asked her if she was jealous, she shrugged it off saying she’d buy her own but was completely over the moon when we showed her we’d got her one too. Him and Kelly Sixx are two of the most genuine and lovely people and it is always lovely to see them both at the Meet and Greets.

Tiger didn’t ask me if I enjoyed the night so I never got to see if he’d learnt the Alright Scale. He did ask me whether I’m going to Taunton though which I had to think about even though I knew I was. I did also have to tell him that he’s been getting my name wrong on Twitter on my way home. I’m going to have to find a new favourite I think. Even though I knew Keizer was just writing No on the posters I still asked him to sign it. As the pens didn’t really show up on the poster anyway I might just put it up on the wall with his No on full view. He’s still one of my favourite parts of Pride.


Pretty much a packed house and a very good card even without the boogeyman.

It was actually one of my favourite Pride shows this year, the night seemed to never end and was packed with good matches and great confrontations. The two championship matches were amazing. Even though the tag team match to start the night felt like it dragged a little in the middle it still had some amazing moments with some of the best talent Pride have in it. The women’s match was great, the triple threat and Harding/Dominator matches were both fun. All the matches were well placed on the card so the night flowed well and you never felt like it was too much. Looking back just a month ago to their big night in Plymouth the card was really different, a lot of different faces made it feel different. Obviously very happy to see PJ Jones and hope he comes back, you can never have enough of the Winner.

The match of the night has to be the main event though Ryan vs Cyrus and the triple threat are up there with it. Wrestler of the night is even harder to give out as everyone was crazy good. Josh Knott and PJ Jones as a duo both made their match so entertaining whilst getting to stomp a hole in Jutler. The champ Eddie Ryan and Mr Massive both need to be mentioned because they honestly were amazing and it really was the best title defence Ryan has had so far. The two girls were great and Kat von Kaige was especially awesome and the perfect fit for the Soul Society. Then of course you have all four guys in the main event, guys really tore the place up. Its impossible to pick as all the guys were on top form.

Moment of the night though has to be the three catch division guys fighting over the trophy. Tiger has constantly been the man to watch this year even when on his losing streak, he’s been up against so many tough opponents and had some wild matches (I am never going to forget Tiger vs Bram which will cement Teignmouth back in May as my favourite Pride show for 2016 no matter what happens between now and December) and always came back stronger then before. Josh Knott hasn’t been back for long but he’s made a instant impact and deserves to be where he is, OK he doesn’t have the trophy anymore even if he didn’t have the trophy by winning it in the first place but the guy was needed in the Catch Division picture especially with Scotty leaving Pride and he’s really made his mark in that division. Then you have Kelly Sixx. I saw him in March and thought that he was gonna be big, seven months down the line and he is the highlight of every show, he improves with every show, he’s the stand out in every match he’s in and is ridiculously talented. From Josh stealing the trophy to Kelly inserting himself (well Keizer really) into the match in Taunton this whole thing, personally of course, has turned into one of the best parts of Pride. I know these three guys are going to steal the show in Taunton, I said above that I want Kelly to win and I know damn well he’s going to be the stand out in the match mainly because I won’t admit it was Tiger even if he is because he can’t get my name right.These three guys are gonna have one helluva match, I for one am extremely excited.

As for the Boogeyman not showing up well…. Its one of those things. Pride are having terrible luck at the moment but every time something messes up for them they work hard to turn it around and they always turn it to their advantage. I love Pride for giving me the opportunity to see Legends and big names from around the world but I honestly go to Pride to see the British talent they have on show. Especially Ultimo Tiger and Keizer as most of the others I see in other companies anyway. Pride couldn’t do anything about the hurricane hitting America, you might not think that John Harding is a great replacement for the Boogeyman but I honestly was surprised at how entertaining the match was and a great welcome back for Harding. If you hadn’t seen the announcement on Facebook about the Boogeyman not coming and got disappointed I can understand why, as I understood in Penzance, but Pride always put on a absolutely amazing show. Personally as long as I get to see Eddie Ryan, Tiger, Keizer, Kelly Sixx and Chris Andrews I’m happy and it was nice hearing kids getting all excited about getting to meet Ultimo Tiger as they left. People might come for the big names, be disappointed when they don’t show up but the guys Pride have on their shows always entertain and people really do come back time and time again just to see them.

Then again I’m easily impressed so what do I know. I did tell PJ Jones that me being a fan of his doesn’t count and that is the reason. It doesn’t take much to impress me.

So the next Pride show is Taunton at the end of the month. Nothing before then, a few shows next month though. Thankfully there was nothing else this month because there was enough Pride I don’t need anything else!

Follow the Taunton event page here :

And of course always give Pride a follow. I guess if you do buy tickets it is kinda important to keep a eye on their Facebook leading up to events not only to get the latest news on the card but any bad news like the Boogeyman not coming and good things like the impressive amount of videos they release online.

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It was a great day out with all the normal guys, will never forget Steve the Seagull stealing a certain sandwich or the torture a certain someone went through when I posted the story on Facebook just for everyone to find out about it. Always remember, Seagulls are crafty buggers, your food is never safe.

A big thank you to all the guys at Pride who put on a wonderful show. It really was one of the best this year.

8 thoughts on “Pride Promotions : Return to Exeter Corn Exchange”

  1. Sounds like a good show. If I remember correctly you’ve enjoyed all the shows you’ve been to in Exeter the most though isn’t this a different venue?

    Shame about the Boogeyman but its good the local talent shines through. Also seeing Tiger now has his trophy back are you planning on updating the Tiger story up until Exeter or are you still going to go onto Taunton? When are we getting the second chapter by the way?

    The blog popped up on my timeline just after I read the sad story you put up on there about all the things going wrong for you at the moment. I hope you feel much better soon and thanks for writing reviews for the shows you go to. I like keeping up to date with what is happening down your way with your blogs.. Its nice that the wrestling means so much to you and can be such a positive when you are having such a bad time. Hope it gets better for you soon.

    1. Yeah the other two were at the Lemongrove and this one was at the Corn Exchange. Yeah Exeter does tend to be a good night for whatever reason! The first two were probably because I got to see Rhino and Tommy Dreamer but this was just something else entirely!

      The Ultimo Tiger story will pick up the day after it left off and will end at Exeter. There will probably be a final chapter based after Taunton. Keep a eye out on Ao3 for it though as I probably won’t be posting the links on Tumblr like I usually do.

      Thank you. Hopefully if I can at least get the seasonal job that I’m going for tomorrow I’ll be OK. Just got to try and be positive that’s all!

      1. Which venue is bigger? Which do you prefer?

        Any news on when Chapter 12 will be out or do we have to wait until the Stardew Valley one is updated?

        Let me know as soon as you know. I’ll be thinking of you, hope you get some good news.

        1. Corn Exchange is the bigger venue I believe probably thanks to the tiered seating. I like both, in fact the only one I’ve been to I don’t like is the Ritz down in Penzance!

          Ummm pass. Don’t know. Until I sort something out I’m a bit all over the place plus my mum and sister are keeping me busy so I don’t do anything stupid. I’ll let you know.

          Will do!

  2. I came over like James after seeing the two posts. You know you always have us guys if you need people to talk to xxx

    Always very grateful for Josh Knott and Keizer photos! I always love your photos 🙂 and we’ve even attracted a Mr Massive fan so we need you healthy and going to events to please our fans!!!

    Thank you xxxxxxxx

    1. I knew you were around as I was just checking the page stats for the anime blogs to pick which one to start with and the clicks had gone crazy!

      I should be OK, it won’t be my health that gets in the way of going. The mild panic attack I had on Sunday is just the norm really and my post shouldn’t be taken to heart too much. I was just writing something for Mental Health Awareness Day that’s all!

      Yes can’t upset our new Mr Massive fan! I will be uploading a few more Keizer photos to Tumblr later when it decides to work for me, I took them during the women’s match but thought it would be stupid to put so many of him up when I had so few of the girls! (my battery charger had died going into that match so was conserving energy on my phone, just so happened he was up close and thought I’d get a few!)

  3. I actually took the backend of a uppercut from Lomaxx. I am ok now, but I remember very little from the main event. Apparently a few guys helped me backstage, and the ring got wrecked? Crazy.

    Are you ok if I use your pictures for my album occasionally?

    1. Happy to hear you are OK! As I said I didn’t actually see what happened myself, the whole match was totally crazy and didn’t realise you had disappeared even! Everyone on the train told me that something had happened and I was worried. You and Martin did a brilliant job all night though! It was a crazy night all round. And yes Gideon wrecked the ring, should have known House of Bones would totally wreck the place.

      Sure, course its fine. I don’t mind anyone taking any of the photos specially if they are of you!

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