Red Dwarf XI : Give and Take

This week see’s the team adventure onto another ship just to get into their usual troubles.

This series gets better every single episode. Give and Take is possibly going to go down as a classic of the series, or at least I think it should. It see’s Lister getting attacked by a deranged droid and having his kidneys organ-napped and the team having to find a way to replace his organs before he dies.

Rimmer and Kryten think they’ve found the best medical android ever to be created, in actual fact they’ve found a snack dispenser. When their plan to switch one of the Cats kidneys, have it genetically altered and put into Lister fails they end up going back into the past to take Lister’s kidneys from the past and put them into his future body.

Chris Barrie stole the show from the moment the episode began till the very end. His argument with the elevator to open the episode which was then brought to its full circle with the time travel and then the elevators revenge at the end was great. Rimmer just has to be in a scene to make it so much more funny. His arguments with everything just have me in stitches and being oblivious to everything makes me love him more.

Rimmer’s therapy session with Snacky was Rimmer at his best as he just talks to himself and comes to his own useless conclusions.

My favourite moment though has to be at the beginning when Kryten tells everyone he’s deleted unimportant files just to find out he’s deleted all information on Rimmer which was filed in a file called “Captain Bollocks”. The fact that Captain Bollocks then trended on Twitter just filled me with happiness.

I thought it was the most naturally funniest episode so far. The group just pinged off each other with clever come backs, brilliant reactions and were left to be themselves. The other two episodes where funny but felt like it was forcing the humour a little too much. The more simplistic episodes are always my favourites.

I’ve said it before but I do love it when the episodes feel smaller. I’m not really a fan of the new sets or anything like that, whilst before Red Dwarf felt big but you felt in a small area now it feels big and looks big and it makes it a little less personal. They’ve lost that claustophobic feeling it used to have but I always loved that feeling.

The episode is full of wonderful jokes though and as I said possibly the best of the series so far!

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