One Piece : The Power of Fullness

Chapter 842

Words will never describe the simplicity yet stupidity of how we ended Chapter 841 but we stand on the battlefield between Luffy and Cracker with…. Luffy eating all of Crackers biscuits.

Yes this is a serious fight and lives are on the line…

So we’ll start with the fight that ends in this chapter too unfortunately.

Whilst I give Luffy 10/10 for effectiveness I’m kinda sad that Cracker isn’t still around and that the way he was defeated was quite silly really. You knew that Luffy had to get through him some way and whilst I laughed and thought it was a clever way around a opponent I’m not sure Luffy could defeat at the same time its sad to see such a strong character just blasted away.

For blasted away he was as Luffy used his fullness to transform into Gear 4th and turn into some giant balloon type thing, when Cracker attacked he just ballooned him away somewhere else.

It was a fun ending to Cracker though and a different way of battling. Plus it had team work as to eat the biscuits Nami had to make them wet first using her control over the weather and the Homies.

I’m not sure I get why the Homies can’t attack Nami just because she’s got a Vivre card when its been made clear to the Homies that Nami is the enemy. I know it has something to do with souls and them having people’s souls put inside them but at the same time it’ll be interesting to see if there is more to it then that.

So together they are able to defeat the enemies in their path but now they have to make their way out of the Seducing Forest and hurry up to Sanji.

We get a look at Chopper and Carrot being chased by Brulee, whatever their plan was its safe to say it isn’t going their way right now. It does seem like it’ll be a thing though that they’ll possibly get to Sanji through the mirrors. People on Whole Cake Island are already seeing them running around madly in their mirrors so it can’t be long till they have to stand and fight or find a way out.

Sanji is on his way to the exchanging of engagement presents.

His sister sorts his face out for the time being so that he can look like himself and not a swollen lump for his wedding. I’m still not sure on her to be honest, she seems so confused over who Sanji is yet she’s also fully into helping her family. I guess its all tied into the not wanting to be a outsider herself even though she’s the only one with empathy to the struggles of her brother. I can see even if she has to fight or has to turn her back on Sanji he’ll leave thanking her, I also see her being the flaw in her fathers plans. I wouldn’t be too surprised if she’s sent word to Zeff or deactivates the handcuffs on Sanji or something. I don’t get her but she’s obviously the most important part of this puzzle.

In all this chapter takes us one giant step forward. Luffy and Nami are now free, Sanji is on his final journeys to becoming a married man and the small little cogs seem to be fitting into place.

I really want to see Big Mom in full power now though!


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