Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : Welcome to a World of Dreams and Magic!

Episode 1

“Yume to Mahō no Sekai e Yōkoso!” (夢と魔法の世界へようこそ!)

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Anna

When I was scrolling down the list of anime from this season I probably missed this a good few times. Why I suddenly actually looked at what it was tagged with I don’t know but when I noticed the word Thriller I was hooked in.

Magical Girl Raising Project looks like its going to be a extremely interesting anime. I have nothing against Magical Girls, in fact some series are very fun but this looks like it’ll be right up my street.

First up we meet Koyuki. The premise of the story is explained in a train journey discussion about rumoured Magical Girl appearances and rumoured stories about a Magical Girl game that we already know Koyuki plays. We learn that she’s always wanted to be a Magical Girl and that she had a male friend who she shared this love with.

She goes home just to be told by the game that she’s been chosen to be a Magical Girl.

There is no big hooha over it. The game tells her and she becomes one. She goes out and does good then learns that she can talk to the other Magical Girls in the region using her Magical Girl phone.

She soon learns that all the Magical Girls are different. She’s the only one that looks like one really, one of them looks like a Witch and another looks like a Ninja and the one that goes out of their way to train her looks like a Dragon Knight called La Pucelle. La Pucella turns out to be the male friend, Souta Kishibe, who Koyuki grew up with fully transformed into a Magical Girl.

It is such a sweet anime that its over before you really realise it. Nothing is complicated, nothing has to be any more magical then anything else. Characters are glanced at and introduced but you aren’t stuck with a lot of information jumping in your face. The basic premise of the Magical Girls, what the world see’s when they see them and the game are explained simply with a nice little conversation, Koyuki’s new powers etc are explained in a voice over whilst we see her work. Lots of information given in a nice friendly way with a lovely choice of background music means that you just sit there grinning like a fool enjoying yourself.

The opening scene of a blood soaked ground completely disappears from your memory.

The fact that its tagged as a Thriller goes completely out the window.

How can anything horrible happen in such a lovely anime?

A lovely anime with the most beautiful animation? With such innocent and sweet characters like Koyuki? Where even boys get to reach their dream of being a Magical Girl?

Therefore it must be easy to figure out WHY I’ll be watching. I want to know what happens. We get the news after the end credits roll that Fav thinks there are too many Magical Girls in this area so he’s going to cut them down to half the numbers. It ends with that so we don’t know how he’s going to do it. What will come next?

You see even if it doesn’t actually do much more just carrying on like this would keep me happy. Episode one was such a feel good episode that I came for fighting and terrible things I wouldn’t mind staying for feel good and happiness. The description makes me feel we’ll have a Gakkou Gurashi type moment where it hits us what the anime is REALLY going to be like but if that never happened it wouldn’t bother me.

Its so pretty to watch and the characters are just so nice that its hard to see why they’d want it to go bad. I can’t wait though. I can’t wait to see what happens, to meet the other Magical Girls and to find out more about this world.

I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense! I thought we’d get a glimpse of the actual “Thriller” part in episode one but all we really got was the blood in the opening scene and the rest was so lovely that it filled my head with pink bubbles.Its the first series this season (other then the returning Bungo Stray Dogs) that I just instantly fell in love with. Will definitely be back to it next episode!


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