Pride Promotions : Tavistock October 2nd

I’m sorry its been a bit of a wait for the review but last Sunday I went to Tavistock to see Pro Wrestling Pride. A much smaller show then their big Plymouth show last month but its always worth going to a small Pride show.

Winner : Charlie Garrett

Have to say the match started off really promising, a pay off to Garrett getting involved in the Heavyweight match in Plymouth and getting laid out by Andrews, but after a slip up from Garrett in the corner it just seemed to go wrong. This included Garrett having his ass hang out of his trunks for the latter part of the match which wasn’t exactly nice to see.

They took a little too long to get the match started, there was a lot of running away from Garrett but he never actually looked like he could stand up to Andrews. Even using dirty tricks never made him look threatening to Andrews. I was looking forward to the match because of what happened in Plymouth but it didn’t really work.

What did work is that before the match, before the night even begun, Keizer had come out running his mouth. I didn’t write anything about it as I wasn’t in the room, I could hear what was being said and saw him and Sixx leave the ring but I didn’t actually really see it, automatically then the crowd just wanted to boo Keizer and tell him he was boring. The Soul Society right now are working brilliantly and I’ve always thought Keizer made a great manager. Him stalking around the ring like the stork that he is gave at least a little bit of a threat to Andrews, if not physically then just for his own sanity. There were some good moments outside the ring, I’m not sure why anyone would think Garrett running around the ring would take anyone by surprise so it didn’t surprise me when Andrews ignored it.

In the end it was a distraction from Keizer that won the match for Garrett. The Soul Society was then one up on the night.

Winner : Nadia Sapphire

Saw Nadia back in January and didn’t really like her much. Thought her gimmick was too much and there wasn’t enough wrestling. Wasn’t really looking forward to seeing her again but my mind has been completely changed. I found her extremely funny tonight and her match against Kazza G was one of my favourites of the night.

The two women went for it. They really felt like they started the night off after a OKish opener.

Whilst I was really impressed with Nadia I just fell in love with Kazza she was bloody awesome. I really loved how good those two were against each other though my favourite moment was when Nadia had Kazza in the corner, everyone thought she’d go for the Sasha Banks knees with her opponent caught in the ropes the way she was but instead she just kind of ran and jumped on her which, whilst I agree it was odd, it just kind of worked for her.

This match really got me excited for the Pride women’s division and I actually really want to see Nadia against Sierra Loxton because Sierra was able to make a big guy look small, she’s going to be a hard opponent for Sapphire.

Winner : Kelly Sixx

So I hate to say it but….

Here is me saying I told you so to Tiger. You could see it right from the start that Tiger was underestimating Sixx, he’d already agreed earlier in the night that if Sixx won the match he could be added to the Ladder Match for the Catch Division Title in Taunton and what happened? He underestimated Sixx, turned his back on the Soul Society and ended up losing making his chances to retain/recapture the title in Taunton smaller. Whilst I still think Tiger will walk out of Taunton with the trophy he would have had a easier time of it if he had kept focused on the match at hand.

It was a great match though, it was one I wanted to see. Kelly Sixx, as I have said to his face, gets better every time you see him and is one of the highlights of every show he’s at. He’s kind of the mid-ground from Tiger to Knott, filling in the gap that Scotty Essex has left. His offence is so varied and whilst Tiger didn’t have much problems shrugging him off and taking control of the match it doesn’t take much for the Soul Society to get the upper hand.

Obviously when you have these two in a match together its very energetic and very fast paced. Sixx did slow the proceedings down a few times, focusing on not letting Tiger get a rhythm going. He’s a tough one too so Tiger couldn’t really keep him down. In the end distractions, much like those in Garrett’s match, gave Sixx enough time to low below Tiger and get him down for the three count.

Whilst as a Tiger fan I was a little bit upset, as a Kelly Sixx fan I was over the moon, I did kind of sit there shaking my head muttering “I told him not to underestimate the Soul Society.” After the match Andrews saved Tiger from the Soul Society (whether it was being beaten up by Sixx and Garrett or being bored to death by Keizer) and we have a tag team match for Exeter between Garrett & Sixx and Andrews & Tiger which could be something special.

Winners : The Magnums (DQ)

It was always going to happen. House of Bones once more had to defend their championship trophies against The Magnums.

No Magnum match is ever the same, it doesn’t matter how many times you see these two teams go at it you will never get bored. This time out we saw just how Chris Walker operates… He’s Wine Gum fuelled, so when up against someone like Lomaxx as long as he eats enough Wine Gums he’ll be fine. Him being fed them by Dick Riley was so funny.

The problem Pride have right now is they don’t have many tag teams and as the Magnums are the only other tag team they really have this match appears more often then not. I loved the team they had in Plymouth but they were small guys and didn’t look a threat to House of Bones, the Soul Societies team at One of a Kind in the Ladder Match also wouldn’t really look much of a threat if they returned as well. Every time the Magnums step in the ring with House of Bones they look even more threatening to the champions.

Unfortunately House of Bones don’t care how they win. They’ll do anything to keep the Magnums down. There was a nasty rake of the face right in front of Ed Dyer early in the match that I was surprised didn’t get them into more trouble then a sad look from the ref. Whilst they still have a weight advantage on the Magnums it was much harder to keep them down.

In the end Lomaxx broke up a three count using the trophy itself getting him and Gideon DQ’d. After being DQ’d they just destroyed the Magnums to stand tall over them. The Magnums, when Darren was finally able to remove House of Bones from the ring, challenged them to a Street Fight which whilst for us fans is really cool, doesn’t sound healthy for the Magnums.

Really love seeing these two teams battle it out. Have to feel if the Magnums don’t win the street fight its going to be hard to find a tag team that will look like they can topple the champions.

Winner : Eddie Ryan

Mr Massive goes from Grado to Eddie Ryan and a championship match. It is safe to say that he’s taking over Pride whether they like it or not.

I wasn’t sure how they were going to play the match but there was a good amount of serious fighting and comedy. Cyrus does the comedy so well but he also is a real threat to all the heavyweights on the roster. Ryan not taking any of Cyrus’s shit was hilarious, his complete deadpan reaction to everything Cyrus was doing as well as wearing his pink top at one point were great but both of them just beat the hell out of each other.

Ryan has been on a roll though and it took a lot for Cyrus to stop him in his tracks, the problem with Cyrus is he gets too cocky and you can’t take your eyes off of Ryan for a moment. His battles with Big Grizzly has just made him tougher and taking that belt from him is going to be near on impossible. Plus people really need to stop letting Eddie Ryan suplex them, his German Suplexes just look amazing. It was a top rope attempt that was his downfall though and a Superkick from the champion.

It was the perfect end to the night and after Ryan offered to shake Cyrus’s hand and we just thought we’d seen a act of sportsmanship Mr Massive had a change of heart.

Apparently he’ll see Eddie this weekend in Exeter and he won’t be wearing pink. Can’t wait to see the re-match.


The night start off on shaking grounds but I think by the end of the night it was back to Prides best. Some really brilliant matches and different faces facing each other. I do feel like we need to see another bigger tag team come to Pride to challenge House of Bones as the Magnums are their only threat and we’re starting to see them up against each other a little too much, whilst I love their matches I don’t even feel like they are a threat to House of Bones anymore. It would have been better to see a tag team actually threaten House of Bones and then see the Magnums over come them after taking time away from wrestling them.

Way too many matches I loved to pick a favourite. The Women’s match was amazing as was Sixx vs Tiger and I thought Cyrus vs Ryan was a great match too. Think Cyrus vs Ryan is going to be good going forward, they have a interesting dynamic and it’ll be interesting seeing what they do this weekend in Exeter.

Again wrestler of the night there are a few too many to pick from but I think I’ll go with Kelly Sixx and Nadia Sapphire. No matter who he is against Kelly Sixx is always a highlight of the evening, the guy from his character to his in ring work is just explosive. Him and Tiger work well together too, I can’t wait to see what happens in Taunton and think Kelly and the Soul Society getting the trophy would be good, I’d quite like the attitude of Keizer to then have him refuse matches with Knott and Tiger having to bring someone else in to fight him. When they then end up in a rematch it would be so much better. Nadia as I said was just so much fun, I didn’t like her in January but she was so good tonight that I feel bad that I didn’t like her back then. I can’t wait to  see if she can win the new women’s championship in Taunton, she’d make a interesting champion.

I do love Pride’s smaller shows, everyone is just so much more relaxed. It wasn’t a big crowd but it was a loud one and the venue was amazing. They don’t treat a single show like they are small though and all these matches wouldn’t have looked out of place on one of their packed super shows.

Sorry it has taken so long but with walking out of my job and other fun things I’ve had a very busy week. We will be going to Pride in Exeter this coming Sunday and after a show was cancelled we are now going to Taunton on the 30th. I apologised for making it sound like I didn’t want to go to the show that was cancelled (as it really wasn’t my intention) but unfortunately I should have known better and just stuck with Pride. Even when things go wrong for them guys they always come up with something brilliant to replace it.

One last thing I guess is that I was going to tell Tiger that there is no point asking me how much I enjoyed something unless you understand the “Alright Scale”, it is a important scale for people who have social problems and if you don’t understand it you’ll just get a alright and not know what it means. There are different grades of Alright from bad to awesome and you just need to learn to understand the tone of the Alright to judge it. A simple Alright (sometimes replaced by Good) is about all I can mutter at Tiger anyway so he’ll just have to get used to it.

The actual last thing is for you guys to go follow them and for me to post the photos though. So yes, that.

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8 thoughts on “Pride Promotions : Tavistock October 2nd”

  1. Did you at least tell him you told him so at the event? He’s likely never to know you told him so otherwise. I also operate on a Alright Scale it drives everyone I know crazy.

    I saw the Kelly Sixx match you posted the other day for PWA and have to say I can see why he gets so much praise from you. I can only imagine what him vs Tiger was like.

    Whats the card for Sunday?

    1. No, to be fair I forgot till I got home and saw more abuse from you. Plus he’s lucky to get more then “its alright” out of me so I told you so is two more words then that I was never going to say it.

      It was a great match. Both Sixx and Tiger have been in some fantastic matches this year and this was right up there. Its a really good one.

      1. The Alright Scale is a good scale though, people just need to listen properly.

        Yeah what I’ve seen of both they are great in the ring. Prefer Sixx’s look and attitude though, something about Tiger I don’t like but would probably not mind so much if I ever saw him live.

        Good looking card. Can’t wait to read about it.

  2. A rake to the eyes is sadly not enough to warrant a disqualification. Probably should have been a public warning, but in these championship matches, you have to be a little lenient. Glad you enjoyed the show, and looking forward to this Sunday.

    1. Haha this is true, this is true, but then again I didn’t say they should be punished just told off a little more 😛 I’d never tell a ref how to do their job! Now Tiger, Tiger I tell how to do his job and he ignores me and loses. If he’d just listened to me he wouldn’t have lost 😉 but yes Sunday is going to be epic! Can’t wait.

    2. To be honest, “slut plate” *is* sexist. There’s no point in an armoured bra (etc), and that makes it 100% pure fanservice – or to put it in other words, given the oveilhelmrngwy male designers, manservice. But I agree we should do away with the discourse surrounding it cos it attacks the people who use it at least as much as the designers (I’m not even sure it implies criticism of the designers at all), and indeed they have a right to wear what they want both in-game and in the material world.

      1. Not gonna delete the comment because its a decent comment about stuff but has nothing to do with this blog or the comments you are replying to. Specially as Nadia is probably wearing more clothes then half the males on the roster, this isn’t a game its real life and I’m pretty sure the wrestlers have a say in what they wear.

        Like I’d love for you not to be a spam bot and actually come and tell me where you got this conversation from because its a interesting discussion and I do write about gaming. But this is probably the wrong place for it.

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