Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Mirage on D. Hill

Episode 1

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Anna

I do actually hate bringing it up as it was one of my least favourite Anime’s of all time but Rampo Kitan L Place actually made me fall in love with the work of Edogawa Ranpo and anything with his name in the title instantly makes me interested.

What I got when sitting down to watch Trickster was something else though.

Much like Bloodivores, Trickster’s first episode hooked me in whilst leaving me feeling like I don’t know what I just watched.

Whilst both first episodes were great they also lacked that spark that some shows have. They are in a uncomfortable, yet not bad, mid-ground where you feel there is something just below the surface of the episode that proves the show is going to be amazing but left you feeling discontented. That feeling that it was missing something but instead of souring you to the show because of it the feeling grows into a burning need to see more.

Unlike Bloodivores I feel Trickster was a bit muddled too though. It wasn’t linear in the same way that Bloodivores was and I felt a lot of the show just didn’t fit properly. It didn’t make it hard to watch but at times took you out of it. Take Hanasaki’s story. He’s out looking for a dog, that is his job as part of the detective agency. He finds the dog and see’s it killed in front of his eyes. Obviously there is a moment of shock as well as concern and interest in this person, Kobayashi, who didn’t lift a finger to hurt the dog but some kind of force field killed it anyway. Kobayashi runs and it seems that Hanasaki has all but forgotten about the dog, not long after you see Hanasaki taking the remains of the dog and the dogs collar back to its owner just to see that the owner has replaced the dog. Sadness for the situation obviously hits both Hanasaki and Kobayashi who both return to the scene the dog died at. Next up is a overly long chase scene which shows Hanasaki’s tenacity and Kobayashi’s determination. A heart warming moment is played more on Hanasaki’s eccentric side then to get to know Kobayashi, a odder couple I might never see, before a ending befitting the story being told.

It stops and starts and can’t seem to make its mind up on whether to be cheerful, funny and positive or action packed, dramatic and depressing. Hanasaki and Kobayashi are two very different people and whilst they work together it felt like a “best friend” feeling was trying to be forced in every possibly way without getting the actual feel to the scenes right.

When its all said and done though it worked!

I want to see Hanasaki and Kobayashi together more. They were a sweet duo and I can relate to Kobayashi being a outsider and can see that even though he might not put his point across well Hanasaki only means the best. It might be rushed but the relationship between the pair is set for me and I like it.

What this means though is I’m perfectly aware others won’t like it. Its a bit all over the place and that is only one setup and one story in the whole of the episode. Every member of the group has had as much of a setup to their character and exploration of what they’ll be doing as those two. It flashed from one story to another, from character to character flawlessly but if you don’t want to follow a complex and twisting story then you won’t enjoy it. The final moments were dramatic but hardly the pay out worth watching the episode for.

Some people therefore will come away from the episode intrigued and ready for more like me, others will be feeling more disappointed and confused like Luc.

I loved the quirky characters, I really loved the world they are inhabiting and really can’t wait to see what happens to Kobayashi. There are some really crazy characters in it too and what seems to be the subplot of Akechi vs Twenty Faces has already pulled me in much more then Rampo Kitan ever did. It was a great use of Twenty Faces and Akechi is everything I love in a character.

The only future problem I can see myself having with the series is if Kobayashi isn’t explored to his fullest. He’s a interesting character and a sad one to boot and I think he deserves to have his time to shine.

Quite a interesting series though. I think I’m going to enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Mirage on D. Hill”

  1. With the exception of sequels and continuations, Trickster has been my favourite opening episode this season (which isn’t saying much because there are definitely some questions around it) but it definitely had something appealing about it. That said, I’m fully prepared for the series to take a nose dive.

    1. Indeed. I couldn’t get into it get into it but it left me wanting more. It left me with a weird feeling but engaged my interest enough but I can see it getting on my nerves if it doesn’t calm down!

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