Mawaru Penguindrum : Fate’s Destination

Episode 23

“Unmei No Itaru Basho” (運命の至る場所)

Everything is changing and not really for the better. Can anyone have a happy ending now?

The penultimate episode and it slows the hell down.

We learnt that Sanetoshi split himself and Momoka in half. The two Penguin hats are Momoka and the two rabbits him. She was going to defeat Sanetoshi and his plan by chanting her charms from her diary.

That doesn’t really explain why the spirit in the hat is such a bitch, Momoka was meant to be kind so why is her spirit the biggest cow around?

Whilst Sho tries to come to terms with the fact that Himari might just die no matter what, Kanba is shown by Sanetoshi that if he does as he’s told Sanetoshi will save anyone. After watching Masako die and then come back to life Kanba is ready  to do whatever it takes to save her life.

Kanba is like a completely different character, walking around like some kind of mastermind villain, waving a gun in front of Sho’s face. Really I have no idea what to make of his sudden change of personality, its just all extremely weird. I get that he wants to save Himari but why does he suddenly hate Sho?

Yuri tells Ringo the true nature of Momoka’s diary, though it made me laugh when she said she didn’t think of transferring people’s destinies as she kinda was trying to do that by making herself Momoka right at the very beginning, before she can find out that Sho has been shot she gets a phone call from Kanba who tells her to bring the half of the diary she has to him and lures her into a trap to get the diary from her…

Well to have the diary burnt. Obviously Kanba has been corrupted by the powers that Sanetoshi has so he thinks he needs to burn the diary to have her saved.

Sho was just knocked unconcious and when he awakens the penguin hat finally actually talks to Sho making a little more sense by telling him that him and Kanba need to get on the train to save everything and find their Penguindrum.

What a rollercoaster of a episode.


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