Cheer Danshi!! : Cheer Boys!! [END]

Episode 12

I’ve had a horrible few weeks so put off watching the end of the series that made me so very happy. Now it is time to watch the end though.

I think it ended the series pretty well myself.

The focus on what the coach had given everyone as their goal to beat and how they interpretedΒ it and beat it was interesting. Not a single members goal was left out and it overshadowed the Finals to the point where it made me realise where they came in the Finals wasn’t important it was the journey they had taken and were they were now that mattered as well as were they were going into the future.

I do still feel like they could have slowed down a little but that is mainly because I’m gonna be sad if they do ever bring it back that two of my favourite characters will be leaving.

Most of the episode was much more a look back. As I said it was about seeing where they had started and seeing where they are now. I especially loved Gin and how he took what the coach had written and how he had improved himself for the better, some of them I didn’t really get or think it was too important but it was nice to see that they’d gained a lot by it.

Also even though we didn’t get to see the performance as a whole I was happy with what we got to see with moments from the past placed in between the routine and the main core of characters getting to talk about where they started from and how they felt. I think it was important to have those characters who started out in the team be focused on right at the end and in the manner they were because up until the midway point they were the only characters we did have and we really saw their struggles to begin with whilst its been a much more personal struggle for the other characters intertwined around the main story since they arrived.

There is a feeling of sadness that the series has ended but it can’t take away the positive feeling that it leaves you with. Kazu is always telling us that cheer leading is about bringing people together and making them went to support and cheer and the anime was able to do that for me whilst watching it. For the first time in a good five or so days I genuinely felt happy again for the 25 odd minutes I was sat watching the show.

I think what made the episode so much more important for me though was that I went into the series as a bit of a joke. It looked interesting but I also thought it would be silly. I wasn’t totally sold on the first episode and didn’t know where it was going, I found some of the animation trying to be so beautiful that it became ugly but I came back and found myself hooked.

My complaining that it wouldn’t do the Finals justice look silly now as I realise that it was never really what the show was about. The show was about belonging, finding your place in the world and overcoming obstacles that you might not even know are in front of you. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more satisfied with a ending when that ending has been completely the opposite of what I was hoping for. Seeing the team go from the Finals to once again looking for new members and this time getting a positive reaction from the crowd just made me so happy.

Cheer Danshi has been a joy to watch and its sad that it is over but what a lovely feel good way to end.


One thought on “Cheer Danshi!! : Cheer Boys!! [END]”

  1. This show defniitely stayed true to itself the whole way through even if we all expected it to go somewhere else it really just stayed focussed on the characters and their emotions and relations. Definitely a feel good show with not a lot else going on.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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