Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Hope Arc) [End]

The one off Hope Special promises to wrap up everything that has happened so far in the Danganronpa universe but especially both seasons of Danganronpa 3.

Despair, the Future and even Hope. The world is a horrible place but its all part of life.

I actually think it was the perfect ending.

It was nice that the Remnants of Despair or the 77th Class as they should now once more be known, got to atone for their sins. The kids had no choice, they were brainwashed in the most horrible way. The reason I love this one episode more then possibly all of Danganronpa (bar the games) so far is because it ended a quite sad story in the second game with so much happiness.

I love the 77th class as much as the 78th because of the games and leaving it on a happy yet sad note was something that always upset me. Having that set right AND having them save the day was the perfect ending to Danganronpa 3 and the story of the 77th class.

Hinata and the rest of his classmates just talk to Mitarai and tell him that its OK to have done wrong things in the past and that what he was doing would not atone for what he did, it wouldn’t make him stronger or happier or stop any kind of suffering. In the end they did the one thing that Chisa constantly told them, they did the one thing Mitarai needed right from the beginning…

They told him he belonged to their class.

What made the ending even more nice was you got a action packed fight scene that made you laugh whilst being real cool. Moments like Akane being fed by Teruteru as she beat up guards, Nagito and his luck coming into play and Soda and his mini-bots just reminded you that these kids weren’t Despairs, they weren’t soldiers, they were normal people that horrible things happened too.

It kept the heart of their characters right at the front whilst never forgetting what they did whilst brainwashed.

They then really got to atone but taking full blame for what happened at the Future Foundation and going off into the sunset to be together and happy.

My favourite moment was when the Danganronpa 2 music kicked in and Nagito started babbling on to Makoto and Nekomaru picked him up and took him away. I do love Nagito at times!

So it wasn’t Makoto that saved the day and once more the bond of friendship proved to be stronger then Despair. Something I’ve learnt in the last few days too. No matter what Despair comes your way if you have people to share it with there is always Hope and Danganronpa has always really shown that Despair and Hope can’t exist without the other, two sides of the same coin and all that.

Perfect ending to the Despair side of the Arc.

I’m not too sure about the Future side.

Whilst I loved it I also feel one part of it kind of… I don’t know how to explain it.

The 78th class don’t actually do anything to save the day but as Munakata points out they will be the heroes because they have to be the heroes. Makoto is well aware that he’s going to have to burden the Hope and they go on to reopen Hope’s Peak Academy with Makoto as the head teacher.

What I’m not sure of is the resurrection of Kirigiri.

People with much sharper eyes then me saw the bottle rolling away from her in the episode she died and there were all sorts of theories on how she’d survive, turns out she took the antidote from Seiko and used it but she’d have been in a coma if it hadn’t been for Mikan coming along and reviving her.

Of course I am over the moon to see Kirigiri back but her death was so impactful that even though that impact isn’t taken away by her being alive it kind of ruins it a little bit. Too often someone dies a brave death to be brought back just for a happy ending but I think the group would have had a happy ending even if Kirigiri was dead because they knew deep down she did it for Hope.

That is the only negative I can come up with and its a piss poor half hearted negative to boot.

So this stage of Danganronpa is over and done with. Neither Hope nor Despair really won out because at the end of the day there can’t be one without the other. Makoto and team now move on with Makoto at the head of another Hope’s Peak Academy. Lets hope the future turns out slightly brighter for them all.


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