Bloodivores : Bloodivores

Episode 1

Will we be Reviewing : YES

Everyone likes a good Vampire tale don’t they? Nothing wrong with Vampires….

So I’ll get this out of the way first. We’ll be reviewing it, not sure if I will or Luc as he seemed to feel the same as me, and we’re reviewing it because it feels like it could be epic.

The first episode doesn’t give anything away. It gives you the bullet points of Bloodivores, introduces the discrimination they face, the problems they have and the way they are treated, gives you a introduction to the four main characters and shifts them from Point A in their lives to Point B.

It does all this in a episode that made you feel like you’d been watching the show for a good five or six episodes already.

No preamble before the opening credits, the characters are mid swing when we join them, we then flash back to how they got in this predicament once more acting like you already knew the characters. Through a news caster talking on a big screen you learn that it seems that a drug way back when mutated a virus and turned people into Bloodivores, whilst this is being explained via news report you see that Bloodivore basically is this worlds version of a Vampire as one attacks someone on the street. When he attacks her a GPS system around his neck comes into play bringing the BST out to get him.

When this is all finished its time for the main characters to get to work. The go and rob a bank, for what reasons we don’t really know, the reason the bank manager comes up with is because blood is expensive to buy. We then learn, through interaction with that character whilst the main characters rob a bank that people like him give money to Bloodivores to buy blood and then when they can’t afford to pay back their loans their blood is taken.

When they all get caught we learn that the main, MAIN character, Mi Lui, is half human half Bloodivore and known as the ‘Child of Peace’ his father is also the Director of the BST.

We know these guys didn’t kill anyone in the bank job but by the time they were all arrested all 15 people inside the bank were killed, the four of them are blamed for the deaths and sentenced to death themselves, the execution taking place as they were being driven somewhere.

Thing is you know that they aren’t dead so what happens next is going to be such a interesting journey. Not only that but you know nothing about this world really. The episode didn’t bog you down with reasons why they are the way they are or what happened to them, it gave you what you needed to know, mainly how did Bloodivores happen and why they are now living side by side with humans, made the characters instantly likeable and sympathetic and left you wondering what the hell is going on.

I need to see the second episode because there is so much I want to learn.

Did I enjoy the first episode?

I don’t know. I was hooked on it nearly instantly, I say nearly as the car chase at the beginning didn’t really hook me at all, I really adore some of the characters and want to know all I can about Mi Liu and his father and why their relationship is the way it is. I want to see how Bloodivores are treated and why people feel they can treat them like this, especially as it seems that they were humans who seemingly were born from people who simple took a drug.

You know enough about the world/characters to make you interested and know so little it leaves you craving more.

I like the animation style, the characters are pretty interesting and the story looks like its going to be a good ride. We’re fighting over the right of reviewing it which is always a good thing but we shall definitely be carrying on with this series to the end.


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