Warning on Harassment

We felt the need to put a post up to warn you all that harassment of our members will not be tolerated.

The website has been a place where not only have we been able to share our thoughts on the things we love, share reviews of things we find interesting (and not so interesting) but also to open up about the struggles we face every single day.

We will NOT tolerate anyone trying to use this safe space as a way to harass our members. If any of our content is taken and used for harassment we will take it to a higher authority.

Many of our members suffer from life destroying sicknesses, both mental and physical, have gone through horrors in life you would not understand and share their experiences good and bad to help others in their hours of need. We have always had positive responses to personal blogs we’ve written and individual writers have had contact made through e-mails and other Social Media outlets to discus these important matters and have helped people who found they didn’t have a voice.

If you have a problem with a member of staff feel free to speak to them personally about it. Any vindictive, horrible people who try to turn a safe place into a nightmare for people suffering enough as it is should just leave this page and focus their negative energy elsewhere.

To those whoever you are and whatever it is you have attempted to achieve by harassing one of our members do not think you have won. In fact your attempt to destroy their life has made them more positive then you can imagine. When first hearing what happened I was personally terrified of news I could receive this evening but stayed up and was happy to hear from the member that they were happy and motivated. As soon as their problems have been sorted we shall have another post up explaining what you have attempted to do and why you have done it. As we said, this is a safe haven, somewhere to share experiences and show people that no matter what is done to us we’ll always get back up. Personal blogs might have taken a break whilst reviews go on but every single blog that member writes is proof of how nothing can keep a good person down.

Anyone coming on here to find “dirt” on a member please leave this place.

This post has not just been written by me but all the members who support and love not only each other but everyone who has ever contributed to this blog whether by liking it, sharing it or commenting.

There will be absolutely no change in our current output, the member being harassed has said they are going to be more focused for the time being on bringing brilliant quality blogs to the site until they’ve sorted out the problem.

Thank you for reading.

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