Goosebumps (2015)

2015 brought back to life a series that terrified my generation through their young lives.

The film saw the world of R.L. Stine(played by Jack Black) come to life and terrorize the small town that he lives in.

With a whole host of Goosebumps stars lead by Slappy the Dummy and including the Werewolf of Pasadena, The Bog Monster, Murder the Clown and a whole lot of others.

Viewers beware – You’re in for a scare!

There was a good line in the movie about the Goosebumps not being children’s books because a child book is meant to be something to help you fall asleep and Goosebumps made you scared to go to sleep.

It is a great way to describe Goosebumps, a series of books that were the stepping stone for young adults into the world of horror movies and stories. Of course to a adult they all seem pretty tame, lessons are learnt and characters develop to be better people. After all what is so scary really about a camera or a dummy?

The film didn’t bring us back to Goosebumps in the usual sense instead having the stories themselves come to life to torture Stine. As a kid he had no friends as he wasn’t allowed out so he created monsters in his mind, when he started to write them down he was able to bring them to life and had to lock them into the books to keep the world safe.

On the whole the movie was a lot of fun. For those who grew up with the books it’ll bring back memories and might make you go and dust off a old copy of the stories, for those with kids it’ll remind you of the fun you had so you’ll pass these old stories down to your children now and for children just being introduced to them it’ll make them go in search for the stories they’ve just been told all about.

Nothing new, important or really anything of vast interest happens in the movie. Its a whole explosion of action with some rather strange antagonist. The fear that these characters bring in the books mean nothing in this. Slappy was only really scary as a child because it played on the fear of adults not listening or believing you, having a demonic force doing bad things and being in trouble for them with no one listening. He isn’t even a particularly scary looking dummy to begin with. The abominable Snowman and the werewolf were cool and the Clown was quite scary but without their stories being played out they were just cool looking baddies in a ensemble crowd that most of the time was just too big and crowded for anyone to really see.

Its good at bringing back memories, its a great action film for kids and will hopefully have more kids looking back on the series and bringing it back to life for a whole new generation.

That is about it though.

The story has been done a million times before, the acting wasn’t that brilliant and it was forgettable.

I guess my main problem throughout the film was the concept of Hannah. I could just about get my head around a lonely man knowing he brings his creations to life so bringing a child into the world but I’m not sure I’m happy with a ending that brings that character back into the world purely so the main protagonist can have a girlfriend. I think I’d have preferred if she’d been left in the book instead of brought back purely so we’d get a romantic happy ever after ending. Its something that I hated when it was done in Pixels and I hate it again now even more so as Goosebumps is aimed at a younger audience.

Not a movie you’ll be running to rewatch after the first viewing but a decent film all the same.

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