One Piece : To The East Blue

Chapter 841

The story of Sanji has turned into one pile of reasons I want to see the Vinsmoke family get burned alive. It doesn’t look like it’ll end anytime soon.

Reiji in this chapter does tell us one thing that I guess we never needed to know, that her and Sanji’s brothers don’t have any empathy. They can’t feel emotions, they are just machines. We’ve seen this, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Reiji is strange, she seems to really care for Sanji or at least used to really care for him, she always stuck by the others because she didn’t want to be picked on too but she was also the person that helped him escape as Germa started to leave East Blue. Not that he really needed her help, when he came face to face with his father he basically told him to piss off and never tell anyone that they were related.

This is all completely the opposite of Sanji’s mother who didn’t care about the mess of food that Sanji had brought her when she was ill but ate it anyway which made Sanji certain he was going to be a chef.

The thing is I feel like they are leaving wiggle room here and there to have some kind of redemption down the line for Judge. The fact he couldn’t “dispose” of Sanji because of some sort of bond that Judge can’t explain could be opened to him repressing his feelings to his son as he hardened himself during the years or some such nonsense. I doubt we’ll get that kind of story but it does leave the story open to being moved in that direction at some point. I keep saying that I want Sanji to beat his father and I’m pretty sure that is how its going to go down and after that there will obviously be a moment even just a fleeting one that Judge has to wonder if Sanji really was the disappointment of the family.

I don’t want him to have any kind of moment though.

Sure there is probably SOMETHING somewhere in Judge’s backstory that points to a reason he’s ended up like this, its one thing I love about One Piece that even if the backstory just proves that someone is a total dick full stop at least it was always there. I feel we might learn something about Judge before his kids were born that lead him to wanting to genetically alter them to make them the strongest fighting force, there has to be a reason why he’d go through all this or why he’d turn his back on one of his kids. You see in this chapter that he loves his kids and I doubt that it has anything to do with them being super soldiers, sure that is the end result he wants but to feel any emotion, unlike his brats, he needs to have something fuelling what he’s done.

Regardless back when he was a kid Reiji saved Sanji from a life being locked up and being the play thing of her brothers. She tells him that one day he’ll find someone who will care for him like he deserves to be cared for then in the present asks him why he’d stick up for someone like Zeff. It made little sense, if she just thought with her brain maybe she’d be able to figure out why.

Again it gives her wiggle room for us to be sorry for her and not hate her but she was the one that put the bracelets on Sanji thus starting the pile of reasons why he couldn’t fight back. She’s seen him fighting and seen that he’s not the same little kid he once was but treats him like he is. The answer to all her questions is staring her in the face.

He found people who cared for him like he deserves.

He found Zeff who treated him like a son and the Straw Hats who are a completely different kind of family who love him and right now are putting their lives on the line for him. Of course he’s going to fight for them he knows what his family are capable of..

No matter what they do though I just could never like any of his family.

We end the chapter back with Cracker and Luffy.

Why I never thought of this ending to their battle I don’t know. Of course Luffy isn’t going to over do it and end up weak and needing to be looked after.


Of course of all people Luffy is going to start eating his opponents armour. Why the hell did I not think of that myself?! Like its Luffy! It made me laugh, it was also slightly sad because I don’t want to see Cracker defeated in such a silly way. The guy literally will be defeated the moment someone gets a punch in, you can see that happening. In fact I’m surprised Nami hasn’t taken the opportunity whilst he feeds Luffy a army of biscuits to shock him with her stick. Like seriously.

Whatever happens next I have to remember where we are and who we’re dealing with. Luffy will not stop eating.


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