One Piece : The Vivre Card Lola Gave

Chapter 836

There is no word for how behind I am on the One Piece Manga right now but I will attempt to catch up with it as best I can. Last time out we learnt everything we needed to know about Big Mom and her abilities we now move on to how Luffy and friends get away from the forest, Cracker and Brulee!

Or at least we begin too.

As Nami puts the pieces together it looks like Luffy will attempt to fight Cracker.

Nami has realised that Pound is the father of Lola and therefore the Vivre card that Lola gave Nami is actually Big Mom’s Vivre card. Talk about luck hey? This actually also saves them a little in this chapter as the Homies aren’t sure what to do after sensing Big Mom’s soul emanating from the Vivre Card.

Two things that kinda made me wonder with that.

One, its really strange that Nami keeps a random Vivre card on her baring in mind she doesn’t know who it belongs too. Secondly even stranger that a thin piece of cloth is all it takes for the Homies not to be able to recognise Big Mom’s soul. They stopped because they realised the card belonged to Big Mom so why couldn’t they sense that from the beginning?

Probably I’m looking way too much into it but it kind of pops up as strange to me.

There is a lot of running around going on in the chapter and as I said Luffy isn’t going to back down. Nami tries her hardest to remind him that they still need to find Sanji and then fight their way out of THAT so not to go full out but Luffy knows only how to go full out.

It was a interesting chapter really.

All the build up to Cracker and how strong he is might just leave me a little disappointed though. Everyone is so scared of him that if Luffy beats him easily it will be disappointing. At the same time he’s one of the top commanders of Big Mom’s group so if he goes down easily then it isn’t saying much for the power of Big Mom and her crew really.

As for Nami I’m not sure what the others are going to do about her now she has the card. Are they really not going to attack just because she has it or is Brulee going to be able to shake them out of that fear.

Talking of Brulee she now has a giant talking tree with her, now that was cool. She smashes the mirror that she’s trapped Carrot and Chopper in but it seems that mirrors are only doorways into whatever world they are now in, they make sure Luffy knows that they are safe and that it was only the mirror that smashed and not them.

Pretty interesting chapter, gearing up for some fireworks me thinks!

Whilst I like Pound as I like Pudding I can’t help but feel like Big Mom is too in charge for nice people to be there and helping out. I can’t shake the feeling that it is all going to go south for Luffy and his friends, specially if they work with other people. Whilst Cracker makes it known that Big Mom seems to throw away ex-husbands like leftovers from a meal I can’t help but think that something somewhere is going to be a trap.

Then again I just feel sorry for Pound. He’s a weird one sure but he doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he does just because Big Mom is finished with him. Hopefully he escapes unharmed!


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