One Piece : Luffy vs Commander Cracker

Chapter 837

Ignoring Nami’s pleads for him to be careful it looks like Luffy is going to run head on into a battle with Cracker. I don’t think we’ve seen just what Cracker can do yet…

Luffy doesn’t look like he’s taking a chance right now and he launches straight into Gear Third. Its good to know he’s not taking Cracker lightly but by the end of the chapter he’s already having to pull out Gear Fourth.

Cracker is interesting. His biggest mistake so far is as Luffy said putting words into Sanji’s mouth. Its obvious he’s got no clue who he is talking about or the relationship the Straw Hats have, there is a possibility that Sanji WOULD say what Cracker said or that Cracker will think he will because of the situation his family have him in but I still doubt he would. I like Cracker though, there is something in the way he talks that makes me want to hear what he has to say.

Nami on the other hand has to deal with Brulee who seems to have it in for the “Worst Generation” much like everyone else. Interesting to note that a few of the Worst Generation have gone through Mom’s territory including Kid, Apoo and Urouge. Of course we already know that Bege has not only come across Mom’s Territory but joined her. Kid and Apoo were “escorted” away without seeing Mom, Urouge apparently defeated one of the Commanders but was defeated by Cracker and Brulee makes it sound like he’s still someone or possibly dead in the forest. Interesting factoid.

It’ll be interesting to see how Nami actually gets out, she’s got the Vivre card which obviously gives her some sort of safety Β net but I’m not sure how much. Brulee is interesting as she seems to be able to dive in and out of her mirror worlds easily. It makes her a difficult foe but one that Nami doesn’t seem to be too worried about. They just need to escape.


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