One Piece : Iron Mask

Chapter 840

Germa 66 get scarier every time you see them. Not just for their strength and obvious domination but just because they are helluva scary. Its still so hard to see Sanji being one of them.

So I guessed that what we were looking at in the last chapter was something DNA related and it is. These are all humans, the Germa Army. It turns out these evil scumbags used to be a group of scientists, Judge having worked himself alongside Vegapunk. They actually were able to figure out how to create life. Their Army is just clones, clones they make in 5 years to be like 20 year olds who don’t realise that they are just clones.

I guess I don’t care much about clones that isn’t what I find sick, the sick part is that they are just used as pawns. They don’t have free will, they worship the Vinsmokes and will go straight into a fight without ever thinking about themselves because they’ve been programmed to obey and only obey. Its honestly the cruellest thing to do. As soon as they are out of those pods they are human, giving them no free will, no actual life and just using them so they can die in battle is horrible.

So it doesn’t really surprise me that the Vinsmokes are behind it all.

This seems to be the experiment that got Vegapunk arrested by the World Government as well. The more I hear of Vegapunk the more I want to see him.

As this whole story has done so far it just gets sadder and sadder.

Sanji finally gets to come face to face with Niji but using their technology and everything else he’s once more thrown into the ground and reminded that is where he belongs as far as the family is concerned.

The Iron Mask of the title is heartwrenching though.

Sanji already has had a heartbreaking back story, getting shipwrecked and nearly starving to death with Zeff was bad enough. His actual life before that was even freakin’ worse. The poor kid was, like his brothers and sisters, genetically enhanced to make them the 5 Pillars of the Germa Kingdom. The problem is he was the only one who didn’t “mutate” or whatever you’d call it. He stayed a normal human. Judge couldn’t just love him as a son though, he couldn’t just let him be. No. He was a disgrace, he was allowed to be picked on because it might make him tougher, when it got to the point his father knew he’d never be anything special they acted like he’d gotten lost, stuck him in a iron mask and locked him away.

Obviously he was still a little kid. A little kid who had done nothing wrong other then not being what his father demanded he be.

If I could hate Judge more I’d hate him more right now but I think its impossible to hate someone more then I hate Judge. It just sickens me and makes me love Sanji even more. The guy is such a lovely guy, sure he has his stupid woman thing going on but at least in the last chapter it was taken back and played out how it SHOULD be played out. Sanji was too busy being angry to do his usual heart eyes shit but I love that Sanji is a gentleman. Everything that’s happened to him just makes me so sad.

Again it makes it even more important for him to defeat Judge on his own. In fact I want to see him defeat his whole family on his own, it isn’t fair that he probably won’t. I guess defeated Judge on his own will be good enough as at least defeating the most powerful Vinsmoke will put Sanji above all of them, though I can see the kids just calling their father weak and separating to do their own evil deeds.

I still kind of want Zeff to actually ARRIVE here for it. If Judge knows about Zeff then surely Big Mom knows about him too, after all Zeff used to be a pirate so knowing Zeff and Sanji have a past would be easier for Big Mom to find out then possibly Judge. I’d love for him to come and sort a few of these snot nosed brats out.

A part of me just dies inside when I know that Zoro isn’t there to put them in their place too. In fact a team of Sanji, Zeff and Zoro destroying the Vinsmokes would be the best thing ever. It won’t happen but it would be cool.

I don’t think I can deal with more heartbreak for Sanji though.


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