One Piece : I Shall Never Forget The Debt That I Owe You

Chapter 839

Honestly right now it seems that the only people getting close to their destination is Brook and Pedro… Well other then Sanji and the dreaded Tea Party.

This feels like it’ll end badly.

So Germa 66 is pretty much the Nazi’s? I mean Germa itself made me feel like they were going for a German thing right off the bat but it wasn’t until we saw the inside of their building with the flags and the eagle and even the flag in the background that all just shouted Nazi at you.

It seems up until now Germa 66 were affiliated with the World Government, even being allowed to attend the Reverie but they don’t care that now that is going to be over as their Ultimate Goal is going to be easier to get to with Pirates…. Who they seem to dislike. Strangely enough.

Their similarity to the Nazi’s at least for now ends with the imagery though. They are Royals and act like Royals. Well act like asshole “Royals” at least. They think everyone is beneath them and don’t care for anything. Its nice to see Sanji sticking up for his beliefs even now with his hands on the line, when Niji doesn’t eat all his food they get into a fight which ends with Niji throwing a plate at the chef and Sanji saving her. After telling his family they are stuck up basically the brothers and sister leave just for Niji or one of them at least to beat up the chef whilst Sanji is being threatened by his father.

You see I knew Zeff would be brought up, of course he would, he’s Sanji’s true father. Its sad to think that he is being brought up to be another threat to Sanji, but also I think it proves that Sanji’s father IS worried about Sanji. Why? Because why come up with so many plans to destroy someone you think isn’t going to do anything? Sure Sanji can continue to say no but this is Big Mom, a pirate, do you think she’ll care if he says yes or no at the wedding? As long as he’s there someone will be able to make sure he says yes and if he’s weak willed a threat would do! They seem to have stacked so much up against Sanji to stop him from backing out of this that I feel his father knows exactly what he’s facing.

I can’t wait to see Sanji standing tall over his family.

You see I don’t mind the Straw Hats defeating Big Mom or even some of his brothers and sisters. Nami vs Reiju would be cool and I’m just so sad that Zoro isn’t there to kick some of these guys asses but one thing needs to happen for this to really end.

Sanji needs to defeat Judge.

He needs to beat his dad.

He needs to beat his dad AFTER the Germa are seen as affiliated with pirates to destroy his fathers goals.

If Sanji doesn’t get that moment I will cry because he deserves it.

We end it finding out that the Vinsmoke’s are up to something, what it is I have no idea but id doesn’t look good.

Just when you think you can’t hate them more you end up hating them more!


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