One Piece : Bropper

Chapter 838

Chopper and Carrot are stuck in a mirror, Nami has a Vivre card that seems to confuse the Homies on whether they should or shouldn’t attack and Luffy is going all out against Cracker.

Its all go in One Piece.

Well I thought Cracker was pretty cool to begin with but the TRUE Cracker is even more cool. The guy is pretty weak so makes all these biscuit versions of himself to fight. Pretty cool.

I don’t get what it is with guys like Cracker though, his armour was much more intelligent then him or maybe just he got over excited when someone actually beat his armour and made him show his true form. The guy actually tells Luffy how he despises pain so unless he’s lying then he’s just told Luffy all he needs to know. All he has to do is get one opening and Cracker will probably be done for. Of course this all depends I guess on how long Luffy can keep Gear Fourth up for as well.

The others?

Well Nami is in control of her patch of the forest, they are too scared of both the fight between Cracker and Luffy and what Big Mom might do to them if they hurt someone with her Vivre card that Nami is just standing around doing her usual mean thing, man do I love Mean Nami.

Bropper? Well Bropper is the new name for Chopper, as he’s come up with a plan he wants Carrot to call him big brother but she shortens it to Bropper. It suits him though! I wonder if using this power against Brulee means defeating her or finding Sanji, because it should be easy enough to find Sanji but I do wonder if they’ll be able to escape without Brulee letting them get out. If it was as easy as walking into the mirror they’d have popped right back out in the first place. It will be interesting to see what they do.

I guess one way to defeat her might be to trap her in her world. She’s connected to all the mirrors on Whole Cake Island so maybe Chopper getting all the mirrors destroyed then having her hide in the final one to protect herself just to smash that one too could work, or was she able to jump into the smallest of shards too? I don’t know but it’ll be interesting to see Choppers plan.

Brook and PedroΒ are inside a Biscuit solider trying to sneak into the castle. Clever plan….

Big Mom doesn’t care what happens at the moment as she’s sure the second that Sanji steps foot into her castle then no one is going to be able to see him. Thing is didn’t it take quite a lot of time for Luffy to get back to normal after using Fourth Gear with Doffy? He’s going ALL all out on Cracker, he hasn’t even got close to Big Mom yet… I don’t know how he’s going to beat her.

We end the chapter with the Vinsmoke’s finally all being together in the same place. I don’t think for some reason Sanji’s life is going to get easier with the final two brothers showing up.

So everyone has a place then.

Luffy is battling Cracker but has to pull all the stops to fight him, just ONE of the Commanders of Big Mom’s Army.

Nami has control of Homies but when they’ll figure out I doubt Big Mom gives two hoots about her she might be in trouble.

Brook and Pedro must be in the castle by now.

Big Mom is pretty certain she’s won already.

Chopper has a plan which we know little about right now.

Poor, poor Sanji has his whole family around him on the eve of his wedding day. Poor Sanji.


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