Mob Psycho 100 Final Thoughts

Recommend : YES

Mob Psycho is about a boy called Shigeo who is a Esper. He gets up to all sorts in his daily life.

It was lucky I found it as I was set to just watch a few shows this season until I stumbled upon this which became instantly one of my favourites.

It is true that the story really revolves around Shigeo and his life but whilst he doesn’t find himself particularly interesting, interesting things keep happening to him.

The biggest strength of the series is the characters. Shigeo himself is so sweet, he is totally innocent in all ways. He has psychic powers sure but he’d give them up in a heart beat to have friends and be able to win over the girl that he’s got a crush on. His brother Ritsu is the total opposite of Shigeo but whilst Shigeo would give anything to be like his little brother and is so proud of him, Ritsu would give anything to have psychic powers and looks up to his bigger brother.

Its a real interesting relationship which becomes the main focus of the story by the mid-way point as Ritsu starts to develop his own powers, misuse them and mistake his love for his brother as fear of him. Its the old lesson that people become drunk with power, the problem is he doesn’t know how strong his brother is until his brother is forced to use his powers to protect  them. Its one of the best brother relationships I’ve seen in anything really. The love between them is very real and you feel a great sadness for the few moments that the power truly has gotten to Ritsu and he is cruel to Shigeo who just ignores it, being happy for his little brother to finally have powers too. Thankfully that bond is totally mended and Shigeo is either unaware of what his brother meant when they were fighting or just doesn’t care. After all is said and done the two of them are best of friends once more.

The support characters all have their uniqueness about them. Reigen as Shigeo’s “Master” doesn’t have any psychic powers. Shigeo seems to know this but he works with Reigen anyway. They use the guise of being spiritual healers to sell people expensive massages and so on. It is at first the centre of all the comedy in the series with spirits realising that Reigen is powerless and Reigen coming up with all sorts of stories to talk away why he isn’t using power. In the end it becomes so much more as you see all the values that Reigen has implanted into Shigeo and the importance of them all. In the end it is Reigen that nearly saves the day as he tells Shigeo to run and inherits his powers for a little while. Instead of fighting to save everyone he talks the bad guys around to realise they don’t need to fight.

At first you think Reigen is there just to be laughed at but so much of his values is what shaped Shigeo.

Hanazawa was the first big “test” that Shigeo came across and the man that pushed Shigeo to his limits and gave us a chance to learn about what makes Shigeo tick. He decides to be a good guy after his defeat and tends to be the voice of reason in the face of Shigeo’s hunt for peace. Whilst Reigen’s teachings saved the day I feel like sometimes Shigeo did need to fight.

Other characters like the Psychic club and the Body Improvement club are never the centre of much true action but friendly faces in Shigeo’s life that give him a little more roundedness. He wasn’t just on his own, he didn’t just have his brother and Reigen, in the end he had friends who cared, friends who were there for him even if they wouldn’t call themselves friends. Whilst I loved the joke of him joining the Body Improvement Club instead of the Psychic club and the fact that it carried on I’m also happy that they showed the Body Improvement Club in a nice light. They weren’t just block heads that cared only about muscles. They truly cared about their members and didn’t mind letting the Psychic club stay in the club room as long as they got to keep their equipment in there with them. They were just lovely people.

The stories were always crazy, it went from monster of the week type to a strong story of survival, power, greed and the bond of brothers. It always kept its light hearted touch but in doing so gave us some of the best OMG moments I’ve ever seen. It’ll go from funny to serious so fast that it doesn’t give you time to think and the further into the series it got the more dramatic it got. The comedy started being in your face and went back to being perfectly timed one liners, characters doing something and only the audience knowing the joke and just perfect little moments between certain people.

I loved the animation too, it skipped from all sorts of different styles yet it always felt really well put together and thought out. I never looked at it and went “oh what a eye sore” or “why did they do that” the change in animation perfectly fit every situation.

Oh and it also has one of the best theme tunes ever.

All in all Mob Psycho 100 is just a fun anime that hooks you in and then tries to tear your heart apart. You’ll fall in love with the characters, be immersed in the story and end up wishing it wasn’t finishing.

I hope it gets a second season too as with the defeat of one Division of Claw there is so much else that opened up to explore. Hanazawa has taken a load of Espers under his wing and I’d love to see Shigeo helping the Psychic club finding aliens which is really what their leader wants to do. I’d also like to see more develop with his personal life and see Ritsu and how he copes with having powers and how strong he actually is. Then there is Dimple who wants to hang out with Shigeo to possess him, it will be interesting to see if this whole experience has mended his naughty ways or whether he’s going to continue to be the way he’s always been.

I couldn’t recommend it high enough!

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