Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : It Is Always Darkest [END]

Episode 12

The final episode of the Future Arc is here. Will Despair win or will Hope win the war?

Well nothing wins. In fact much like the Despair Arc it kind of just gets left to end in the one off special Hope inspired episode. That is putting a lot on that episode before its aired really. Or at least personally. I felt like neither story was truly finished, there is a big gap between the end of the Despair Arc and the second game which was actually the thing I was most looking forward too now this one ends on a complete cliffhanger meaning any hope that the gap will be filled a little has disappeared as the Hope Arc needs to really focus on ending the Future Arc.

It was a disappointing finish I guess but not really a finish either.

The whole episode was a giant mess really. No character seems to be using logic in what they do they just do things for no reason at all.

Tengan has sent a video message to Mitarai which admits he was the guy that was behind all this, they, well not Mitarai as he’d already left, deduced that he didn’t think that Mitarai would be part of all this so after finding out about it he would force his hand. Unfortunately he ended up in the group. I can’t figure out whether Tengan WANTED Mitarai to show the video or not or what the point of any of that was other then to tie two ends together. I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Mitarai being in two series but pretty much useless in both so far would be the most important character at the end.

It makes you wonder what anyone actually thinks Hope is.

I can’t make my mind up what Mitarai believes, he seems to think forcing the world to believe in Hope will make them better. At least we now know Munakata’s big problem was a Despair whispering in his ear. This whole thing was basically Junko’s plan which we learn after the actual episode ends and we have to see Junko and Chisa explain everything to us simply and still not making any sense.

In death Chisa is the champion of hope to Junko’s Despair.

It all ends with Togami and Hiro saving Makoto. Now if anything makes me interested in the Hope Arc it is seeing Togami in action over anyone else. He’s such a great character and stolen the episodes he’s been in, seeing him sort the problems out will be such great fun. No doubt Makoto will just talk Mitarai out of it.

I’m a huge Danganronpa fan and maybe as a whole all of this has made the series that little better but I feel like there was little planning or thought that went into the series. All the stories ended up jumbled up, rushed and important or interesting parts never really explored. There were three or four series worth of story rammed into two arcs, I’m happy the split into two series but they still had too much to say and do to fit into what they had.

So whilst I feel the one off Hope episode might be good I think both finales and both series have been quite a disappointing mess.

Sad. Despair inducing even.


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