American Horror Story Roanoke : Chapter 3

Much more happened in Chapter 2 that has led to a little girl going missing, learning the story of two psycho nurses and opening Shelby and Matt’s eyes slowly to the realities of the world they now live in.

Once again the show was stolen by the two Lee’s. Angela Bassett and Adina Porter broke my heart in the first half as Porter talked about trying to find Flora and Bassett worked hard to find her. The confrontation between Lee and Mason (Charles Malik Whitfield) was horrible but not as horrible as when they found a charred body, being led to believe it could have been Flora just to find out it was Mason.

From there on in it got crazier. With the introduction of Cricket (Leslie Jordan) the world the Millers were living in got blown out of proportion. Cricket is a wonder to the series. His eccentric personality was a breath of fresh air andΒ was one of the best parts of the episode.

I did say in the first review that I would probably like the guys in the wood the most but between their poor attempts at whatever kind of accent they were trying to put on and the quite boring story so far with them the only one of any interesting is The Butcher, real name Thomasin White (Kathy Bates) who does her best to be the biggest bitch in the world once more. It got to the point where the flashback to what happened to White and the others was so poor that not even the acting skills of Bates and We Bentley who plays her son Ambrose White could save it. Every other male in the tent as she came back from her exile seemed to find her killing people slightly amusing and it quite ruined her bloody return.

Shelby goes from slightly irritating to full blown annoying. I always think there is no way that a Paulson character in AHS can make me dislike them more then the last and to be fair I quite liked Sally last season but Shelby is one of the most unlikable characters she’s played so far. The thing is we’re not meant to dislike her and this is the reason I think Rabe would have been much better as the reenactor. After Lee gives in to Cricket and pays him for his help they go out into the woods to make a truce with the ghost of White, whilst there Shelby learns that Matt has agreed to burn the house down the second they get Flora back if it means White will help them but when she turns to argue with him he’s gone, she finds him having sex with Lady Gaga’s Forest Witch whilst hillbilly’s watch. Of course you are meant to be fully behind Shelby in this even though you can see that it is obvious that Matt was in a trance, there is just something so unlikable about her though that when she returns to the house and calls the police obviously to point the finger of blame at Lee for Mason’s murder you want someone to wipe the smile off of her face.

I agree with the character that it was likely that Lee would kill Mason, Bassett and Portia have done a great job of portraying the explosiveness of Lee, and as I said if it was Rabe that was in the reenactment I probably wouldn’t have been so bristled by it but as it was there was nothing to like about Shelby.

Once more the episode feels like a lot has happened yet nothing has happened. We learn more about some of the spirits on the land but we’ve learnt nothing really. Flora is still alive but whether we’re going to find her or not is another matter. Something has to give at some point but right now the story just carries on its merry way and has no real point to it.

Right now I’m just waiting for something actually interesting to take place.


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