American Horror Story Roanoke : Chapter 2

I was slightly disappointed with the first episode of Season 6 but I feel like I will end up loving this series more then any other. Chapter 2 looks like its about to get really good.

I actually truly miss the opening theme. I know it won’t work with the setup we have currently but I would love for us to at some point have a theme. The opening credits are always some of the most interesting moments on TV every year.

It starts where it ended with Shelby (Sara Paulson)Β lost in the woods trying to find her way back, she finds Kathy Bates character “purifying” someone in the woods, this consists of them nailing a pig tail to them and putting a pigs head on them and burning them on a spit.

The story gets even more crazy and personal. Whilst the three Millers are doing their best to fight the forces trying to destroy them one of them makes a terrible decision when Lee brings her daughter Flora, played by Saniyya Sidney, to the house. Lee and Flora have a wonderfully difficult relationship, whilst its obvious to the viewers who know what is going on with the house that Flora has met some sort of ghost called Prescilla, Lee is determined she’s playing up because of her parents divorce. It gives us some great moments for Lee who falls off the wagon after her ex drags Flora away declaring they’ll never see each other again and then hits rock bottom when she goes and kidnaps Flora.

Whilst the episode was much more interesting then the first it was Lee and Flora’s story that really got me into it. It was needed in the first half as there is something just unlikable about Shelby and Matt that makes me not care what the two of them are going through.

The stars of the show were by far Nurse Miranda (Maya Rose Berko) and Nurse Bridget (Kristen Rakes) two psychopathic nurses who had brought the house and turned it into a care home whilst killing the patients to spell out the word Murder. They disappeared before they could finish their job though leaving MURDE on the wall of the house, their spirits are the ones that Shelby saw in the episode before and they were in full swing in this episode.

One of the best scenes was when they were first introduced, Matt seeing them kill one of their patients before spray painting a M on the wall. It was a perfectly acted scene with the two Nurses as sadistic and evil as you could imagine and Cuba Gooding Jr’s Matt reacting to it in the most amazing way. Of all the characters we’ve met so far the two nurses have been the best.

Whilst there is a lot of creepy going ons happening in the episode it was also very long winded. The beginning of it seemed to go on forever and by the time the interesting parts happened I had to wake myself up to engage with it. By the time Shelby and Matt find the tape left over by Dr Elias Cunningham (Denis O’Hare) the episode was in fine form but it took too long to get there.

We end with Flora going missing and her coat being found at the top of a tree.

For me something I haven’t seen praised enough is just how well Adina Porter and Angela Bassett work together. Watching Bassett doing the work whilst Porter explains how she felt and what was going on just works perfectly. Both of the actresses make Lee the most interesting person on both sides of the story, you feel sorry for her and even though you see her making these mistakes you want the best to happen in the end for her. I have no interest in Matt and Shelby feels like two different people, Rabe and Paulson just don’t work as the same person. Porter and Bassett deserve a lot of praise for their work though.


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