Mawaru Penguindrum : Beautiful Casket

Episode 22

“Utsukushii Hitsugi” (美しい棺)

It really has now geared up for some giant showdown in the final episodes. Kanba is going all out to save Himari, Himari doesn’t want to lose Kanba and Sho has done what Sho does best and pushed everyone away until he’s on his own.

Once more I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again.

The longer this series goes on the more depressing and sad it gets. This episode starts with Double H coming to give a present to Himari, they are met by Ringo who it turns out knows that Himari has disappeared. Its a bit late for Sho to be worrying, he should’ve talked to Himari like a adult and not a child, I know they are children and he wants to keep her safe but she might have told him what she knew or at least a little about her conversation with Masako if he hadn’t been heavy handed.

Everyone is going to get some kind of ending it seems. Not many are going to be happy by the looks of it.

Tabuki and Yuri I’m pretty sure have had their story finished, after finding the truth out the ex-lover of Yuri stabs Tabuki and Tabuki realises that they were left alive because most children are like them waiting for someone to tell them they are loved, Yuri then hands her part of the diary back to Ringo.

Himari’s heartbreaking speech to Kanba is ignored.

Whilst she tries to tell Kanba she would rather die then have something bad happen to him, Kanba himself turns into a mastermind murderer. With gaming apps that kill people on his phone and secret tunnels he’s followed by Masako that tries her hardest to talk him out of what he’s doing.

It made me really sad for Masako.


Because at first you think she’s some crazy ex-girlfriend that has a chip on her shoulder, when you find out that she’s Kanba’s sister and been having to hear him talk about saving his sister when his blood relatives are suffering and want him back must be so painful. In fact personally I feel it makes everything Kanba is doing hollow. If he’s going to save someone who he isn’t related to for no reason and yet will let his actual blood relatives suffer then what does he know about family?

In the end he does manage to save Masako which I guess is nicer then just leaving her to die. Unfortunately she then takes a stand to save Kanba, something he really didn’t deserve. These girls need to start to figure out when guys aren’t worth sacrificing your life for! Now who is going to look after Mario?!

It felt forced. In fact it felt forced, rushed and hamfisted. Its like they wanted to have as many shocking revelations before the end as they could but there was so much in the middle that these kind of things could have popped up and been explained a lot better instead of what we had.

I feel Masako is a character that might have deserved the real story of being told earlier in the series, in fact I’d have given up Yuri’s crazy episode when she tried to rape Ringo so that we could have Masako’s news that she’s Kanba’s sister a lot earlier.

For me it changes the game too much with too little time to really come to terms with it. They are asking a lot for me to suddenly like the new characters in front of me because that is what they are. Different backstories, different personalities. Everything is changing. The Kanba from Episode one to this Kanba are like night and day and that isn’t just because of what he has to do its because they changed him to be shocking and add to the mystery.

I find no joy in knowing the series is coming to a end.


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