Plymouth Wrestling Association : September Slam

So I said I wasn’t going to another PWA show but then had a free ticket so went, I also said I wouldn’t review it but it was such a good night I’ve completely changed my mind on that too.


I was sad, there was talks of a tag team re-match for the championship belts. Special Edition haven’t been seen since their win against Jones and Dominator back in April so I was kinda hoping that even if it was just to get the belts back in Plymouth more often that Jones and Dominator would win them back and go on to face the Bristol Boys.

As you can see that didn’t happen and PJ Jones ended up wrestling a new comer to PWA in the Chosen One Alex Young.

Now you all know I love PJ Jones, I even went pretty much dressed as him with my Winners t-shirt, my sunglasses and my terrible attitude. He honestly makes the night he’s so fun to watch. He works perfectly against someone like Young who doesn’t play to Jones comedy side. It made for a good opening contest.

Was truly impressed with Alex Young, the guy is pretty awesome and if he keeps coming down here is a great person to have to bulk up the shows. He’d be a interesting face to match up against Grayson Reeves in the British Championship area and I hope he comes back.I loved the fact he never really had control of the match, Jones is always best when he’s using every dirty trick in the book which always means his opponent is on the back foot. I didn’t get a good photo of Young though as when he was in control he was too fast.

He’s a great signing by PWA. Very positive signing too as they do need some guys that look like they’ll be a threat to Reeves, though the match I want to see is Young vs Sixx.

It was everything a opening match should be. Everyone got into the match, the two ladies in front of me put their hands up as new faces and they loved it, was a very positive beginning to the night.


Possibly the match of the night. I’m going to stop praising Jason King because its no longer surprising that he’s the man of the night really.

It was nice to watch. Strange thing to say but it just fit together perfectly. I’m not the biggest John Harding fan but him and King worked really well against each other. Jason spent most of the match focused on what the crowd were doing and Hardings more laid back approach brought comedy without it being in your face like it can be with others. Jason King is possibly one of the most talented guys in PWA, he makes everything look so easy. The guy is one of the most naturally charismatic wrestlers in the South West and a delight to watch. He backs up the cocky attitude though with a lot of talent. The guy kept Harding down for most of the match, Harding couldn’t quite beat him with speed and King always had a answer for any attempt to stand up Harding had.

The weird thing is Jason King is pretty short. He’s not much taller then me if he even is taller then me but the guy is a tiny powerhouse. You’d think he’d be faster then he is but he isn’t, not that he can’t do the fast stuff of course. I said in my LEP blog that I love his running knees into the ropes, this time he did do them flawlessly. His ability to slow the match down, ground his opponent whilst all the time gobbing off to the crowd means that every single person in the crowd is either booing him or cheering him and they are doing so because they love his character. Every time he comes out he gets a reaction.

OK so I said I’m not a huge fan of Hardings but I don’t dislike the guy but man is he the least graceful looking guy who has ever jumped out of a ring? Like the two times he jumped out at King he looked like a skinny ginger bear just falling over. Even Big Grizzly has slight more grace whilst crushing people. The actual dive was brilliant he just seems to have too many joints, too many limbs and quite a lot of hair. His insistence to go to the top rope for his elbow was his downfall, though to be fair King just got fed up of him and got himself DQ’d with a blatant low below.

Of course this is a longer running problem between Krieger, Harding and the Munchkin Court, Adam Flint was nowhere to be seen which made me and Karla very sad, but to continue the feud we look to be having a tag team match at their next show. I said I wanted to see more of them as a tag team and I look to be getting my wish. For anyone who wasn’t at the LEP show if that match goes ahead you are in for a treat as Flint/King make a wonderful team, their synchronicity was beautiful and to PWA fans they haven’t seen Flint actually wrestle yet. The boy is good. I’ll leave it at that.

Best match. No surprise seeing the self proclaimed Best Man was in it.



JD Knight was trying to be serious. SERIOUS. How dare Chuck Cyrus make JD Knight wait to do his serious wrestling stuff.

Honestly the opening of the match was hilarious, Cyrus is a natural entertainer. He’s just funny, every tiny thing he does makes you laugh. Knight can be quite funny when he wants to be but he was being serious and being serious meant he was there to beat up Chuck Cyrus. This was after a failed attempt at clap push ups.

These two went at it. Whilst the Mr Massive stuff is funny the guy mixes his cheerful personality into a very hard hitting style. Always liked JD Knight for much the same reason I like watching Cyrus, they just beat each other up. Not seen Cyrus much but it isn’t usual to see him being thrown around quite as much as Knight managed too, though I’ve always thought that Knight fights more then wrestles. What I mean by that is that actual wrestling moves tend to come in between him just piling on top of his opponent and laying into them with punches. He corners them and tends not to give them the space to breath. He’s big enough to do that to Cyrus and obviously extremely serious too.

Unfortunately seriousness didn’t work this time and Mr Massive did beat JD Knight. I have a feeling this hasn’t ended yet though. I’d love to see a re-match at some other point. Cyrus is one of the best signings PWA have managed to get this year and long may he continue to do well down here.



I guess I have to start by pointing out I’m not a huge fan of Baine or Max Alexander. You might have noticed it more with Max Alexander then Baine. I don’t think the match was terrible but it lacked any feeling of importance. It opened the second half of the show but was pretty boring. I also felt like I blinked and missed the ending, it wasn’t even like I was distracted by anything. I guess as if it was trying to prove me right, Alexanders headband didn’t fall off. Always a sign.

It wasn’t a bad match. I have to admit I don’t remember much of it though, the first match back from the interval and it didn’t really make a impression. I’ll give it to Max Alexander that he has great ring awareness, his timing is impeccable. I don’t know though Baine doesn’t make a lasting impression and neither really does Alexander. The ending came as a shock because I hadn’t realised the match had began.

After the match Alexander challenged Grayson Reeves to a match for the British Championship Belt. Thing is I don’t see why. He lied to us you know, if he’s been coming to PWA for a year as he said, well I’ve been going for nearly a year and a quick look back on all his matches from November Nightmare onwards says that he’s actually on a losing streak which was broken with this win. That is 5 losses.  November he lost in a tag team match to The Elite, he lost to Josh Knott at New Year Mayhem, JD Knight at the British GP, was part of the team that lost to Knott, Lekimie and Black Jr at the Anniversary show and then whilst being partnered with Chuck Cyrus at Heatwave lost to Knott and Dom. It was a strange request BUT at the same time I kinda think it’ll be a interesting match. Its nice to see some sort of story building there. Don’t kid yourself though Max, you’ve lost more then you’ve won.



I hope we get to see Mitchell Starr lots. I hope he comes back time and time again. Not only was he such a larger then life character he was such a brilliant wrestler too. Everything about the match was hilarious and it was nice to see Dom just enjoying himself.

In the past I’ve said sometimes there is too much comedy and the reason I’m not giving this match the match of the night is because it was too heavy on the comedy but it was pretty wonderful. I think they made the right decision having Starr up against Dom because if they’d had it the other way round I think Starr wouldn’t have been able to shine as much against PJ Jones as he did (nor would Young.)

Mitchell Starr is quite the brawler though when he gets going, he matched up to Dom in every way. He also outsmarted Dom 99% of the time. They had great chemistry between them but there could have been a tad bit more actual wrestling. I think Starr is a real gem and will love to see him back, seeing Mr Seriousness lost against Mr Massive JD Knight vs Starr would be a good match (with JD getting upset that no one ever takes him seriously) and I’d like to see him up against someone who would really put the fight to him (not that Dom didn’t but Dom plays along with the comedy whereas JD would but would then re-focus the match like against Mr Massive.)

So many moments that I just couldn’t explain to you that made the match so fun. Another wonderful signing by PWA and Starr is a must see star.

Sadly it looks like Jones and Dom have had enough of each other. Jones came down to help Dom when Starr invited the audience to make life very uncomfortable for Dom, unfortunately his good intentions failed once more and the two of them ended up spending most of the rest of the match arguing. It also led to Dom being distracted and Starr winning. I always loved those two so its sad that they’ve fallen out but its also hilarious.


A very strong finish to a very strong show.

Kelly Sixx as always just shone in the match, the guy has such unbelievable talent its a pleasure to watch him. He had two very capable and talented team mates and still he felt like the backbone of that team. I have yet to see Sixx put a foot wrong and he deserves all the success he seems to be getting. I knew he was something special the moment I laid eyes on him.

Their team  really were something though. Usually I’d probably complain about the amount of times they distracted the ref to triple team either Riley or Ryan who were the two main guys stuck in the ring being beaten up, it worked though because the three of them, even though they were three random guys thrown together and don’t exactly LOOK like they’d be a good team, just wanted blood and it came together. Sixx as I said was the backbone but Reeves stood out as the leader of a bunch of guys that I never thought would be lead.

Grayson Reeves honestly impressed me so much. I could go on for a day and a night about how impressed I was with him. People might remember that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Reeves when I first saw him last November but his character grew on me as he turned, its like night and day just how good he is now. The guy has improved beyond words and is one of the most interesting guys on their roster. He might have had the leader role in the team but he was in that ring kicking butt just as much as anyone else. The guy is seriously good and I can’t wait to see him defending his belt. I found that I’d actually missed seeing him too, his short match at the anniversary show with the fantastic re-match at Fall Out seem so long ago even though it wasn’t really (well in term of shows I guess, in terms of months it was a while back now) and its going to be so good to see him in singles competition again.

The match was great though, it never looked like anyone but Lekimie/Reeves/Sixx were going to win which is incredible seeing they were up against three of the finest heavyweights in the West Country and some of PWA’s biggest names. Out of the trio of Riley/Ryan/Hawke I think Riley was the stand out, possibly because he had more time in the ring then the others. Always love watching him because you have absolutely no idea what he’s going to do next.

Loved the ending of the match, I can’t explain what it is that I loved about the group of Lekimie/Sixx/Reeves but somehow the image of Lekimie choking out Tyler Hawke whilst Ryan and Riley were being held back by Sixx and Reeves will probably for me be the image of the evening. Possibly the image of PWA for the year. There was some sort of ominous feeling about it all which is just exciting.

I don’t get why Ed Dyer didn’t DQ Lekimie after he wouldn’t let go of Hawke even after he’d won but he didn’t. He then threw Luke, the wonderful MC that I always say is wonderful, and threatened to beat him in front of us all if Hawke didn’t give him a title shot. Interesting opponent for Hawke who would never turn down a challenge even without someone being threatened. It was nice to see Hawke left in the ring with Luke though, Hawke is the champion we all deserve and I can see these two having a battle at the next show.

All the guys in this match are fantastic. It was the perfect end to the show.



I’m very happy I decided to go to the show, my anxiety didn’t play up though I think that was luck as I was at work so to tired to freak out, and it was their biggest crowd since moving as well as being their best show since moving.

Already said that the match of the night was Harding vs King. The opening match and the main event started and ended the night on highs that were carried on even in the weakest matches. Harding/King balanced comedy with wrestling and Jason King had every single fan either cheering or booing for him. The atmosphere from the second King walked out till the match ended was electric and well deserved.

Couldn’t pick a man of the night if I’m honest.

Kelly Sixx deserves all the praise in the world for once more being awesome. I can’t sing his praises high enough, the guy is just so talented. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him on the mic and you don’t need to because his attitude, his look and his wrestling do the talking for him. Its delightful to watch him.

Jason King also and always deserves to be mentioned. It was the first time I’ve ever heard him tell a crowd he doesn’t want them to cheer him, he lost his LEP championship the night before and he seemed to take his bad mood out on Harding. I’m constantly saying he’s the man of the night and we’re extremely lucky to have him in all the small companies down here, the man is going to be huge one day and if he isn’t it’ll be a travesty. He has everything. The scary thing is I don’t think you’ve even seen a little bit of the talent hidden in the man, the more you see him the better he gets so it’ll be interesting to see where he is even just this time next year. That guy has to be in line soon for a championship shot, it doesn’t matter which one though he’d be the perfect face of the company one day.

I also need to once more point out just how wrong I ever was about Grayson Reeves. I don’t think he’s naturally as talented as Sixx and King but the guy has changed my mind completely on him. Obviously he’s also not just in matches to be beaten up anymore which was possibly one problem but its like he’s been allowed to make his own character and he’s grown with so much confidence with that character. Was really impressed with him.

So I guess those are my three wrestlers of the night, all three of them are the future of PWA but I doubt any of them will be around long, they have very bright futures ahead of them or at least I hope so. Starr and Young both made perfect debuts too and seriously hope we’ll be seeing more of them.

This was possibly PWA’s best show. As everyone knows I wasn’t going to go for my personal reasons and I’m so happy that people changed my mind as I would have missed what they’ve been building all year coming to fruition. The guys deserve to be extremely proud of themselves after the night.

Only negative was the ring broke or something came loose and Krieger and Harding both had to hold it down in the main event. It was slightly worrying watching the main event and I’m happy no one got hurt. I saw that its a new ring that PWA have brought themselves and I hope that there isn’t too much damage and its not a problem next time out.

Their next event is November 17th.

Once more can’t sing their praises high enough, you might want to make sure you book your tickets in advance as they seem to be rising in popularity and I can see them selling out.

As always follow them….

Facebook : Plymouth Wrestling Association
Twitter : @PlymWrestling

Finally I guess I wanted to say that there has been a lot of drama down this part of the world and I know PWA have been in the middle of some of it. They made a huge step moving venues which at first looked like it might kill them. They had people laugh at them when they Crowdfunded and also with their PWA family stuff.

I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. As a fan you can see that they have done their best and always looked forward. I doubt they enjoyed saying they couldn’t afford to run shows and needed help and it probably was disheartening thinking they’d get a good size crowd at their new venue and up until now not really getting one.

They’ve decided the PWA Family stuff is what they are aiming for and they never let go of that. They’ve made it feel like the show belongs to the fans, the wrestlers and everyone else. They’ve opened their academy which is a big step forward for them and a huge positive too. They deserve to feel positive about their future because they have their vision of the future and are reaching for it. PWA is a small local company, they use wonderful talents from across the UK and have a very strong group of regular wrestlers who even at their worst are worth going to see.

I love all the promotion down this way and spend my money to go see all of them. I go to the wrestling more to see the wrestlers then because of the name of the promotion. I think some promotions get more flax then others but they all have their own unique positives and PWAs is with the talent they have. With Eddie Ryan, Tyler Hawke, Jason King, JD Knight, The UK Dominator and PJ Jones all regularly appearing even a bad show has a silver lining. Their newer additions have helped them to hopefully find a stable place in the world of wrestling down in the West Country. I’ve been told I’m too positive, which is bullshit anyway, I just try to end any review I have on a positive because I’ve been to enough PWA and Pride shows to know that if they have a bad night then its a one off, plus in any situation you can usually find a positive and its better to end with a positive then just be negative. Who really wants to be negative all the time? When something is terrible I say its terrible that doesn’t mean something good can’t be said at the same time. Well… Unless its Fairy Tail in which case all the positives ran out years ago.

PWA have been through a tough year and hopefully this is the turning point for them. They’ve had bad shows and good shows but I feel they’ve found themselves and worked to build a relationship with their fans that they feel mean something.

They deserve all the praise in the world last night for a spectacular evening.

And on that positive note, see I’m doing it once more, I shall leave you with my pictures from the night. There are a lot mainly because I never seem to be able to pick any PJ Jones or Kelly Sixx photos I don’t want to post. I’d apologise if I cared enough but I don’t so shan’t.

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