Mob Psycho 100 : Mob and Reigen ~A Giant Tsuchinoko Appears~ [END]

Episode 12

“Mob to Reigen” (モブと霊幻)

It is with sad hearts that Mob Psycho is coming to a end. How will we ever get over to what happened in episode 11? How will Claw be brought down? Why aren’t these adults acting more like adults?

I’ve not been this sad since… I don’t know. Possibly One Punch Man. That has a second season now so I’m not so sad.

The episode had three unique parts.

At the beginning we start were we left off. When Reigen told Shigeo he could just run away Shigeo did… His powers ran away to Reigen meaning the sword attack didn’t effect him and none of the attacks sent his way in this episode did either. Having borrowed Shigeo’s powers he makes good use in them. It was such a brilliant end to the season because Shigeo didn’t save the day, none of them did, Reigen didn’t even fight. Because he was deflecting everything and didn’t get hurt he was able to monologue at them and crush their dreams and fantasies.

In other words he made them grow up and see the folly of their ways.

I loved it. It really worked with the series as a whole. Shigeo is such a gentle and kind soul and a lot of his values have been given to him by Reigen who all season long didn’t look like he’d be a hero. Then when the kids needed him to save the day he did. Peacefully. Whilst making other people better in the meantime.

Ishiguro turned out to be a little old man and the only one that looked like he was going to do much damage when he lost control and started to attack. Sho put a end to him before leaving Shigeo with the message that he was disappointed with him being a coward and leaving. He shows up nearer the end, it turns out that he is the bosses son.

After that the middle part which went over the end credits too basically told us where everyone was.

Shinji has seen the error of his ways and him and Ritsu go to apologise to Onigawara. Onigawara had realised what had happened and is continuing to work alongside the Body Improvement Club to become a better person. Shigeo is still with them and still passing out and still being looked after by the Psychic club that is still at odds with what they actually care about.

Hanazawa is taking the other kids under his wing to help them improve so that when inevitably the rest of Claw come to get some revenge they can protect themselves and others.

Happily Reigen kept the ability to see spirits, Ritsu has kept his power too and everything seems to have come up good. Dimple is sticking with Shigeo as well so we have a real squad going on.

The final part of the episode was just showing life going on as normal, Reigen see’s that there is a bounty out for Tsuchinoko so gets Shigeo to come catch one with him. In usual Shigeo and Reigen fashion it all goes wrong, Reigen ends up picking a load of mushrooms whilst Shigeo fights a spirit. There was a Tsuchinoko which looks like it was stood on or sat on by Reigen but it goes unnoticed.

Actually the definition of a perfect ending in my books.

Shigeo didn’t just defeat everything and go back to normal. He was saved having to go against what he felt was right by Reigen saving the day. Reigen talking people out of doing bad things is so Reigen too, even with powers he didn’t actually use them to defeat anyone he just used them to keep himself safe. At first I thought just his pig headedness was what was saving him, obviously I was wrong. Then we got to see life moving on for all the characters.

Hoping it isn’t too long before a second series as I can’t wait to see what happens next with all the characters. So many stories you want to see come to a full ending. Its just nice to see Shigeo end the series happy.

I will have a final thoughts blog out later this week but what a great episode!


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