Red Dwarf XI : Twentica

Red Dwarf is back once more with a brand new series. Red Dwarf has been a part of all of our lives since we were kids so it is always fun to have new episodes to watch.

Twentica then?

Personally I don’t think Red Dwarf has ever not been funny and this series has started off perfectly as always.

We see the team go back to a alternate version of America after Exponoids traveled back in time and banned technology.  As always the plot was simple and it was the characters and tiny little moments that made it.

The boys don’t miss a beat, their constant back and forth between the four of them are perfect. A lifetime fan of Chris Barrie’s Rimmer I just loved every moment of his moaning, cowardice and general buffonary. After a lifetime together its fun to see Rimmer still able to be made speechless by stories of Lister’s past or even finding new ways to be annoyed by him. His big speech on why everyone always asks Kryten if he has a theory but never him was perfect as was his reply of not having a theory when he was finally asked (I’m actually surprised it wasn’t Aliens!)

All our of them just bounce off each other so well.

Cat had some great moments, I love how half the time he feels like he’s on the sidelines of the story and just pops up with some of the best lines possible. You can sometimes forget he’s in a scene until he butts in with something completely odd.

There were some great guest appearances too but the best two by far was Lucie Pohl as Harmony and David Sterne as Bob the Bum.

Harmony was part of the underground science group, every line out of her mouth was delivered perfectly by Pohl and had me in tears of laughter. Bob the Bum had the best war cry ever with “Two Potatoes make One Potato” after finally fitting together the two pieces of the EMP that would rid this world of the Exponoids. In some ways Pohl and Sterne, whilst not being in the show as much being side characters, stole the show from the four regulars.

It definitely came back with a bang.

The ending was perfect though. Trust Lister to be the one to come out to give us all the “moral of the tale” whilst completely ignoring that moral itself. His speech on being reliant on technology being a bad thing whilst Kryten undresses him and brushes his teeth was absolutely spot on. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Lister when he rambles on about something you just know that he’s going to ignore himself. Its also nice to see once again that no matter how much Krytens programming changed in time he still likes to be helpful.

So many small moments in the episode that you find yourself in tears laughing at, I loved the Exponoids arguing amongst themselves at the end before being defeated by Bob the Bum, Lister telling Rimmer about when he used to steal cars when he was 7 and his confusion as to why Rimmer thought he’d be able to hot wire a bus or why he’d be going to school, the dancing on stage when the Exponoids were invading the secret science club… All small little details that just made it so much more fun.

Pohls “Dirty Science Talk” to the boys had to be the best part of the whole show for me though. For such a fast talking character it was so perfectly delivered.

Red Dwarf is back!

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