Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : All Good Things

Episode 11

The penultimate episode of the Future Arc. Who is the killer and why are they doing it? Well… We don’t need to know why they are doing it we know its all to do with Despair. How far has Despair got in destroying hope though?

11 episodes it took for one really brilliant one for the Future Arc. I admit the Despair Arc started off slow but slowly picked up but this is the first time I felt that Danganronpa magic in the Future Arc.

Sure Kirigiri dying was sad, and some of the deaths were pretty grim, well not the deaths but the aftermath, but its been pretty jumbled up if I’m honest most of the season. It never really focused on the people in front of us, it jumped from being about this Killing Game to being about the outside world and then returning like nothing happened… It has no sense of purpose.

This episode though was worth the wait.

Kirigiri, being the wonder that she was, had figured out that everyone who had died had committed suicide. Its sad that she never really shared that information and weird knowing her Forbidden Action that she didn’t. I guess with Munakata and Sakakura out for blood it was hardly like there was a good time to tell them that all these people were killing themselves.

She would be proud of Naegi who came up with a plan to prove Kirigiri right, having Munakata tie him up and leave him near a monitor so that when everyone goes to sleep he should be the one to become the “killer” and sure enough he does. If you haven’t watched the Despair Arc you won’t know that the main theme of the Despair Arc is brainwashing and that it is actually Β Mitarai that taught the Despairs how to do it. He looks guiltier by the second of doing something more then just showing Junko how to do it back in his school days, especially when Munakata comes to the conclusion that the person who set this up must have been Tengan… Who is dead… But not dead enough to give Mitarai a call at the closing of the episode.

Was it a ending to that particular mystery that lived up to Danganronpa mystery levels?


It was different. It took me by surprise, others probably figured it out but I honestly thought they were going to do “someone isn’t as dead as they looked”, not that they AREN’T going to do that but the actual attacker wasn’t. It tied in nicely with what is going on with the Despair Arc as well as giving Mitarai something more to do in the final episode. Did he fall to Despair or is he telling the truth that this all came from that one time in high school where he became BFFs with the Ultimate Despair?

For me what made the episode was Sakakura.

I haven’t been quiet in my love for that man and I won’t stop either. I feel so bad for the guy, seriously, he loved Munakata and was always destined to be in the background. He lied to him to keep that love a secret and let the terrible things happen because the lie he told let the Ultimate Despair run amok. I was angry and sad to see Munakata kill him so I’m happy that he got this episode to kind of be his own person. Sure he’s a violent little shit head but there was always something else there. It didn’t take a genius to work out that he was in love with Munakata and to feel that amount of emotion towards someone there has to be a emotional person under all the violentness on the outside. We finally got to hear a little from Sakakura that wasn’t just parroting Munakata. I don’t really get why he hated Naegi so much for beating Junko, maybe it was because he was too weak to do it himself or something else, he probably did say it plainly but I was blubbing at all the blood he was spilling to really pay too much attention. There was a lot of blood too.

Mr Violent who actually didn’t manage to kill anyone, not even really hurt anyone as far as I can remember (and it has been a long bloody series even if its only 11 episodes with one more to go!) spilt every single drop he had to find out the mystery of the attacker and then save Munakata.

Sadly Munakata didn’t get to him in time to say goodbye.

That killed me on the inside. It really did.

The episode whilst being great also once more showed just how all over the place this series has been. Its the penultimate episode. It ended the Killing Game, gave us all the answers to the mysteries surrounding it other then the Mastermind…. It also felt like the beginning of something else.

I know that there has been a lot of talk of this ending one chapter of a bigger story or some such but with one episode to go it felt like it was starting something much bigger then what you’ll get suitably ended in one more episode. Getting these guys out of the building, the Remnants on their Island as well as those outside the building… So much still to go I just don’t think the Future Arc is going to end on a good note.

I mean it probably isn’t going to end on a positive but I mean its going to be disappointing.

For now though I guess we just have to wait and see. There was just so many interesting characters, so many stories and so much going on in this series that its felt like one big wasted opportunity. Too much rushing and not enough story being told. Naegi has spent most of the time being carried around by Hina in the corridors. Kirigiri stared at things most of the time and died. Munakata has been slowly losing his mind just for him to be talked at and turn calm. Everything is just a bit of a mess.


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