Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : Goodbye, Hope’s Peak High School [END]

Episode 11

“Sayonara Kibōgamine Gakuen” (さよなら希望ヶ峰学園)

Actually the final of the Despair Arc, there will be another episode which will end Danganronpa 3 in general but this is the finale of the Despair side of the story.

Was it worth it?

Yes and no.

It was pretty Despair riddled but at the same time I’m kinda disappointed in general. I will write a Final Thoughts on both the Despair and Future Arcs as well as one big Danganronpa Final Thoughts thing after both have ended and the one off story has been aired too. I leave this series though feeling like the ending was great but rushed and that was  feeling for most of this Arc.

Thought it was a good episode though.

Junko’s influence is finally felt. The Reserve Students slaughter everyone other then the 78th Class who have already agreed to barricade themselves into the school, you even get to see them all locking themselves in and Junko already picking Naegi as the person who will be her downfall as she can’t predict him. The Remnants fake their own death so they can go out into the world and cause Despair, we never get to see them actually doing it which is sad but you know that they did it. Chisa is on her way to making sure that Munakata falls into the biggest Despair of them all, it showed also just how little Munakata knows of Chisa that she drops her notebook and calls it unimportant and lets it burn and he doesn’t see a problem with that. Sakakura is wasted once more just beating up walls when he’s such a interesting character they could have used more often.

Then, when Junko has no need for the students she isn’t locking up with her or hasn’t already turned into Ultimate Despairs she gets them to commit suicide.

Another Despair inducing picture from this series, seeing all these kids jumping out of windows and running into the burning building.

You can’t fault the imagery of the last few episodes, its been dark and consistently disturbing. Whilst what happened was left up to you to imagine with the games and the first anime series its there in plain sight in this series, or at least the end of it, and it truly adds a different layer to everything else which is much more tame. It was quite shocking if I’m honest.

It goes from them leaving school and Junko locking herself up to the Remnants in the game world of the second game. You don’t get to see the in between which is why I’m a little disappointed but with one more episode in general that is meant to finish off everything I kind of hope we get to see something of the Remnants after all.

I did worry that this story was going to feel rushed come the end and it obviously did feel very rushed. Its a shame though because it was just starting to get real good and then it ended just like that. Would have liked to see some more of what happened between them leaving school to the beginning of Danganronpa 2 but I guess that doesn’t matter right now. Hoping we get to see at least a little bit of what happened in the final FINAL episode. Probably won’t but I can hope.

Good ending though, if the beginning and middle hadn’t been so weak it would have been great.


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