Servamp Final Thoughts

Recommended : 100% YES

Vampires. Fighting. Strange cast of characters. Servamp has everything going for it. Wonderfully it delivered with every episode too!

I guess this was a weird series for this blog yet its one I’m going to make sure has its Final Thoughts post no matter what. I watched the first episode and loved it then didn’t write a single review till this weekend when I binge watched the series and then posted the reviews over the weekend.

You might wonder why I’d 100% recommend something that I couldn’t even be bothered to watch every week.

To be fair I just forgot it and after a few weeks with a few different reviews going on, especially the double team of Danganronpa, it was just forgotten. Not because of its quality. It is one of those shows that can fall through the cracks of much bigger named anime’s with bigger and flashier stories.

You’d miss out if you didn’t see it though.

The only negative, and I’ll start with it, is my personal dislike of the character of Mahiru. Whilst in a twisted way his way of seeing the world makes some kind of sense it also contradicts itself constantly. I just couldn’t understand half of what he was saying or what he was meant to be doing.

He craved simplicity but everything he did was the total opposite of simple. It all boiled down to his uncle who didn’t understand why everyone kept asking who was going to look after Mahiru after his parents died. “Someone, Someone…” it was something that was asked because no one wanted to stand up and take it on themselves to sort it but his uncle found it simple.

It was kind of beautiful but it never really let Mahiru grow or those themes to take a root. As they popped up now and again, mainly when Mahiru was making some strange speech at the completely wrong time, it rankled with me a little.

That is the only negative to me though.

Everything else I just loved.

What Servamps were, who they were, what the did, their Eves, the bonds that grew between the characters even though it was really quickly done. All of it.

The different Servamps were all interesting to meet, I loved learning about them and seeing their past. I’d quite like to get to know them a little more, specially one like Doubt Doubt with his Eve Mikuni mainly because there just seems to be so much history there. None of them seem to have had a particularly happy time of it, even Lily I’d believe has felt heartbreak. I mean none of them were particularly cruel but they’ve lived hundreds of years and bond with their Eves who are only human and therefore die. Greed’s story made me cry it was so sad and I’d bet there is more to even Sloth’s story then what we saw.

Those characters were all so unique and sweet that you couldn’t help but love them and they were perfectly matched up with Eves who complimented their personality.

Whilst I wish we saw more moments of the characters together the anime managed to bond them without much problem so you just loved the group. It seemed like no bonding or development happened at all but then by the end of the series you just believed they were a group.

Even Mahiru. I might not like him but he was pretty awesome too at times.

Whilst the story made perfect sense I also felt it was badly put together. You never really could tell but there seemed to be a lot of stories all working on their own against the other stories. I don’t think the magical hug at the end really ended anything it just gave us a break until a possible second season.

I’d recommend the anime for a lot of reasons.

Its got wonderful animation, any scene with Tsubaki in it is a feast for the eyes.

Characters are fun, some really great moments both comedic and dramatic, lots of stories that aren’t really explored but which bring a depth to the series that it probably shouldn’t have. There’s real human pain in each character, not all of their pains are properly explored but they ignore them in such a way that they stand out and you can understand them.

Great use of sound throughout enhances the episodes beyond words.

There is just something about it that you’ll love. Start watching Episode 1 and you’ll have no clue what the rest of the series will be like, its such a mixed bag of just about everything. I can’t really fault it because every fault I pick up just added to my enjoyment of it.

Might not be to everyone’s taste but I have a weird taste anyway.


3 thoughts on “Servamp Final Thoughts”

  1. I didn’t really get into the first episode of this but a few weeks in I tried again ad then stopped midway through episode 3 or 4. I just didn’t like the characters or the way the story was being told. While I regretted passing on a story about vampires, this one just didn’t work for me.

    1. That doesn’t surprise me. I don’t know why but the show kept dragging me back. I really disliked the main character but there was something about everything else that made me want to like it. I say I’d recommend it but strangely enough I’d recommend it whilst telling people to be disappointed. It was a strange one and I’m not even sure how to put into words why I enjoyed it!

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