Mob Psycho 100 : Master ~Leader~

Episode 11

Shishou: Leader (師匠~leader~)

How to describe the last episode? Dramatic? Action packed? Heartbreaking?

What is Reigen doing at Claw’s HQ, just what is going on?

Actually it was perfect and it highlighted everything right about Reigen as a character. He ISN’T Claws boss which is a welcome relief.

Reigen up until now has been mainly a comedy character. You can see the effects he has and the ideals he’s installed in Shigeo via what Shigeo tells you but you don’t tend to see THAT kind of man when they are together. At times when Shigeo talks about Reigen its like he’s talking about someone else.

This episode showed a different side to Reigen.

Of course he still isn’t the greatest of people. He only took Shigeo under his wing to use his power, he doesn’t actually actively do anything to Claws minions other then tell them the truth, it isn’t like he’s there to save the day either he just wants to pick Shigeo up. Everything he does is a big of a fluke but when that all crumbles and they have to fight to escape is when you see just what he’s done for Shigeo.

Whether Shigeo knows full well that Reigen isn’t a esper of any kind I don’t know, he probably has worked at least that out by now, but Shigeo found the only person he could talk to and who would talk back at him without getting upset or angry in Reigen. Half the time he is just spouting nonsense but its good nonsense. He seems to be the only person who actually has bothered to observe Shigeo and figure out what makes him tick which is what Shigeo went to him for, he was scared about his powers and needed help, we’ve already seen how his parents treat him so no wonder he found comfort in Reigen. Nonsense or not the man made sense trying to get the kids to run away, they are facing adults who, as Reigen puts it, didn’t grow up and want to take over the world no matter how they do it. These kids if they fight back and win could end up becoming like them and it’ll only be the kids that suffer because its no life for a person to be so bitter and angry that you want to take over the world.

What Reigen gets for his trouble is a slash across the back.

I loved everything about Reigen in this episode from him just marching around the place telling people to sort their shit out, to trying to protect the kids by using his special abilities to his speech to Shigeo to calm him down.

Hopefully he isn’t dead.

Before Shigeo is saved by Reigen though we get the nice reunion of Shigeo and Ritsu that we’ve been waiting for. After waking up from being knocked out he’s able to tell Hanazawa what makes him look up to his little brother. I thought it was the cutest thing in the world, Shigeo doesn’t care what Ritsu did or if he was angry or upset at Shigeo. He just loves his little brother, he thinks he’s the most clever and amazing person in the world. Everything Ritsu thinks about Shigeo and his power Shigeo thinks of Ritsu and his power. It was a lovely moment, it made me cry.

It was just a wonderful episode leading into what will be a completely mental episode to finish the series off I think.

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