Servamp : Thinking Simply… [END]

Episode 12

Shinpuru ni Kangaete (シンプルに考えて)

The gathered group now have to face Tsubaki. The most important question is will Hyde live?

I honestly think the last episode was by far the best. The ending was a little bit weak but then it suited Mahiru as a character so I guess I should have guessed that something as ridiculous as a hug would solve the problem. It really did solve every problem.

Thing is everything leading up to it was so good and afterwards it was nice to see life just return to normal that even though the hug was stupid and everything felt rather confused, rushed and pointless I liked it.

Tsubaki was wasted though.

This final episode made him look so dangerous and scary, to be honest so did the first episode he showed up in. There was so much more about him that you wanted to learn and that fight was just wasted a little as was everything about him. His backstory, or at least showing him leading up to his Teachers death, plus Mahiru seemingly coming to the understanding that his Subclasses had all fallen to Melancholy was just so sad. His fighting technique was striking with the blood red, the flowers and the rain motif. The guy was so underused whilst being in nearly every episode and having more screen time then so many others. You just never felt they scratched the surface even with him even with the amount of time they put in showcasing him.

I loved the animation when they went into his memories, kinda cringed at the key to open them though, it was really cool.

In fact most of the episode was just seriously cool. It never really made much sense, Tsubaki flicked from talking about something to quoting randomness like a light switch but it was a feeling that kept you on edge. Maybe why the hug felt so out of place BUT it never felt like it ruined it. Because you were on edge you weren’t sure what to expect.

Sakuya saving Mahiru was a little boring though and I’m still sad we didn’t get to meet or even learn the whereabouts of Mahiru’s uncle, my favourite character without ever really being in the series.

Also kind of sad looking back that we didn’t really get to see much of the others. C3 showed up to save them and had already got Hugh and saved him so the rush to save Tetsu was non-existent. Even though Hyde’s dog tags were destroyed it seemed him and Litch were fine. Misono got out OK with them too and we didn’t as far as I can remember see Lily out of his butterfly form all episode, well we did right at the beginning but nearer the end when that group decided to escape.

Mikuni showed up to try and get Mahiru to leave just to give up. Another character I wouldn’t mind learning more about, he knows a lot more then he’s letting on and there is something there that makes me so interested in his knowledge. No Doubt Doubt though, he was seen in the montage at the end back at the shop but that was it.

So I guess all I can say is that it was a strange ending to a strange series.

I still don’t like Mahiru either!


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