Mawaru Penguindrum : The Door of Fate We Choose

Episode 21

“Bokutachi ga Erabu Unmei no Doa” (僕たちが選ぶ運命のドア)

Even at this stage in the game don’t think you have a grasp on what is going on because you never will.

Such a difficult episode to process. It changes absolutely everything you know about this world.

Sanetoshi is apparently a ghost. He says he was the leader of the group and wants to finish what he started, he was stopped by Momoka. Him talking to the doctor was just really strange and I completely lost what was actually meant to be happening.

So we have ghosts. Nice to know.

The Takakura family are no more. We learn that the building that Kanba has been going to is actually abandoned and his parents are dead, we then learn they aren’t his parents and the “love” shared between him and Masako is that of a actual brother and sister. Yes Kanba is a Natsume, he left with the dad and when the dad died he went to live with the Takakura’s. So the only true Takakura standing is actually Sho.

This all comes about when a reporter starts following the cast around letting them all know that Kanba has been up to something. Himari follows him and finds the abandoned shop and bloody clothes of their parents (at the end of the episode so does Tabuki and Yuri) and later Sho and Kanba get into a fist fight when Sho finds out he’s taking money from the group that his parents were apart of. Little does he know that actually Kanba is now the leader of said group and he WILL do whatever it takes to save Himari.

Whilst Sho breaks the family up once and for all Himari goes to Kanba, she and Masako have already agreed to stop Kanba even if it costs Himari her life….

This was a really heartbreaking episode because the heart and soul of this whole anime has been the family bond between these three. OK so I knew they weren’t related, its hard not to learn bits and pieces over the years when you’ve attempted to watch it a million times, but it wasn’t nice to see. They seem to forget ESPECIALLY Sho that they are as much a family as anyone else. In fact the very first part of the episode with Ringo and Himari showed just how perfect Sho and Kanba were at being Himari’s big brothers.

As with everything Penguindrum it is completely over the top and convoluted.

I said it in the last review and will say it again. One of the biggest problems yet one of its strengths (go figure) is that its too artistic for its own good. You struggle to find a line between a reality and metaphor. the Broiler, Sanetoshi, Survival Tactics…. They are all crazy things that happen in their crazy way and have no real reason to be happening. In a way I’ve got to the point where I don’t really want it explained because its so fantastical that I just enjoy it.

The further into the series you get though the more convoluted everything is. Maybe that is just it concluding itself and its mysteries. It feels a long time ago that everyone was happy and the Takakura boys were just stalking Ringo. Whilst back then I thought if everyone put their heads together they’d have a happily ever after now I don’t think that is going to happen at all.

So now I’m just sad.


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