Cheer Danshi!! : Bittersweet Valentines

Episode 11

The penultimate episodes, so much to get through before we ultimately end up at Finals. Will Haru finally make up with his sister? Exciting times.

I thought the episode actually put my mind to rest a little. Whilst I’m sad that it seemed to have to go to the Finals instead of focusing on a smaller time frame and the team I feel like anything that happens in the next episode is going to end the series well.

Lots more character moments for lots of different characters in this episode.

Haru does make up with his sister, after forming a trio of younger brothers with Saku and Takumi, he realises that maybe he just needs to talk to his sister and explain himself. Watching Takumi talk out how he feels about his brother worrying about him all the time when his brother is struggling to find a job and should be worried about himself kind of pushed Haru to do the same. He followed Judo because he thought he had to and now he found his own path. Of course that would always come off being a little wrong when you just say it but I honestly think his sister just missed him. Maybe knowing the pain he was going through helped a little but when he showed up at her match and cheered her on not only did she win but it was like nothing had happened.

I really love the relationship between Takuya and Kin, they obviously are the two oldest and have bonded purely by trying to find work. They are a great duo and one reason I would have loved if the show had actually slowed down a little is I could have seen them being the big brother figure to the others, it would have been nicer to see them interact with others. Kin has his two monkeys who follow him around and you can see how even though he knows they’ll do what he says he doesn’t take that power and abuse it, he just makes them remember their manners and behave appropriately. Β Takuya worries about Takumi all the time but I could see him being a good person to go to if you had a problem.

Again that is what kind of upsets me. Whilst I’m not going to say we haven’t been able to see these characters at their best, because we have, I’d have loved to see more interactions between them all.

It was nice to have Haru, Saku, Kin, Hisashi and Takumi altogether working because it was different.

The episode also showed us Tono’s girlfriend, none other then the cheerleader from Dreams that Haru has been making eyes at! I’m happy that Tono has a nice girlfriend and that they seem real happy together and everything on her side is just friendliness. I don’t know its just nice. I expected Tono to have a nerdy girlfriend or something just because I guess that is what people like him usually get in films and stuff, you don’t usually see a guy like him ending up with a cheerleader so it was just really refreshing.

Plus it was just fun. It always is. You smile from beginning to end watching the show. I loved them all getting random Valentines gifts, specially the Nabeshima brothers giving each other gifts. It was cute. For me Valentines is always about giving to people I care about, I can love people as friends without feeling a romantic love for them and love to spread that love on Valentines so it was nice to see it happen in the anime. Love the coach getting them something and Saku making Kazu a present was really sweet.

I thought the series would end on a low point for me but I actually really thought everything was nicely wrapped up and it feels good going into the Finals next episode. I will be sad if they rush it, again it depends on how they play it out. Think it’ll be OK though.

This episode was brilliant though and I’m getting so sad thinking its all going to be over soon. For a show with such a huge cast of characters its done so well making you fall in love with them all. There isn’t a single character I won’t miss when it finally ends.


3 thoughts on “Cheer Danshi!! : Bittersweet Valentines”

  1. I have to agree. I really enjoyed watching the character interactions and felt that the show was giving us a lot of closure right before the finals. It kind of makes me sad because it really did feel like next week will be the end but at the same time at least we won’t be left hanging forever wondering how some of these minor issues were resolved.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yep I was really worried they weren’t going to resolve them all. I’m even happy that we got a look into the Nabeshima brothers lives and Saku got his own little bit of story too. I think it’ll be a good finale now.

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