Berserk : Those Who Cling, Those Who Struggle

Episode 12

Sugaru Mono, Mogaku Mono (すがるもの, もがくもの)

4 days late but the finale of Berserk has aired. Did it do justice to the series or did it end on a low note?

Lets face it that is the only important question as Guts is hardly going to die to a giant blood blob now is he?

It was all a little over the top with little pay off.

Nina survives just to spout bullshit. Like what is even with that character? Does anyone out there LIKE her? What was the last moments in the episode? Why was Joachim apologising? He freaked out at a Pagan festival in the eye of a fucking TORTURE Tower for heretics, she then decided to KILL HIM, because that is what she did try to kill him, so he went and dobbed her in. Like seriously she deserved that! Everything she’s done is completely different. She’s DYING anyway, she tried to kill Joachim because he freaked out, she tried to run off with Elaine, she then was content for Elaine to die in her place even though she was going to die and the torturers were going to kill her, she wanted to drop Luca before Luca decided to drop, she tried to run away again, when Luca saved her AGAIN in this episode she then had a brat attack about not being left alone whilst Luca was trying to save her…..

Her weakness is being the most shittest human in the history of humanity ever!

She should have died and I can’t help feeling like everything in life is now pointless because that bitch is still breathing in the Berserk universe.

The big Blood Blob doesn’t really do anything and all the souls screaming out and everything else is purely there to help the overly artistic rebirth of Hawke in the morning. It just seemed after the Nina stuff at the beginning that the rest of the episode was people standing around the place waiting for things to happen, usually with their gobs open hoping they don’t die. When the morning comes (we don’t see how they survive the night they just freak out about the sound the blob is making and then its morning) they get attacked just to once more stand open mouthed staring as Hawke is reborn.

So now everyone splits up. Guts and Casca were left behind to stare at Hawke for a while, they escape in true Guts fashion. Isidro leaves the group to go off and search for Guts, Farnese announces she’s leaving the Order and wanders off talking about Guts so you can only assume she’s on her way to do the same as Isidro with Serpico by her side, I’m not sure if Azan went with them or just disappeared I wasn’t paying enough attention to him, Nina fucks off with Joachim leaving Luca and Jerome with the rest of Luca’s girls wondering what will happen next.

It was kind of a boring ending really just set to split them all up. I didn’t like it. After how the last episode ended you wanted it to go out with some sort of bang, it didn’t.

Then again I don’t think I’ll get over Nina still being alive.

That is all though. Over and done with. Hawke is reborn and we’re waiting for Spring 2017 for the next series.

To be honest the best part of the episode was Jerome/Puck/Isidro and I’m sad that Luca and Isidro seem not to be heading in Guts direction because I’d love to see them with him. As it is I’m just hoping that Serpico does end up reaching Guts, I mean Farnese with Serpico by her side of course, because he was the only reason I really kept watching the series.

I just don’t get it. I don’t get it at all.


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