LEP @ Stonehouse

So LEP made their return to Stonehouse with another action packed show. Five big matches with the Heavyweight Championship belt back on the line as well as the MitB ladder match for a shot at the LEP Academy Championship.


He came down to talk about the MitB ladder match later in the night just to be interrupted by Dead Man’s Hand who all stalked into the building with baseball bats, got in the ring and took out Jamie and Harding.

First up Jamie has a lot of enthusiasm but he needs to work on putting that into his character and actually talking to the crowd. The guy is young and it felt more like he was asked to do a show and tell at school. He has potential though but his mic skills are very far below his in ring skills. Being young and enthusiastic though means everyone (or nearly everyone) in the crowd love him and made him the perfect person to be attacked. In a way looking back at it I guess now it feels like he was waiting for them to show up and instead of focusing on answering Harding’s questions he was waiting to hit a cue.

Kid has a lot going for him though but he wants to look at Harrison, King and even Danny. Even good guys need to engage the crowd when they are on the mic and he’ll get it but he needs to focus. Instead of being a generic person from Plymouth he needs to focus on one aspect of Jamie Pearn and focus on that and make it what he is in front of a wrestling crowd. He doesn’t have to be funny or heroic he just needs to be less generic and make a impression like he does when he wrestles.

As for Dead Mans Hand, I said it was the perfect person to attack because Jamie is small and he has a big heart, easy to get behind and just a nice lad. Attacking him automatically made you pissed off at them. It also worked as everyone around me, other then Angry Man, were pretty freaked out by it. I thought it was good but it also kind of lacked something. There was one “leader” type but as he didn’t talk it kind of ended up just happening and nothing more. Still nice to see them actually show up this time.

Winner : Luke ‘The Dragon’ Phoenix

Well its nice to see Danny going full blown bad guy on us, the match was a showcase in how cheaters don’t prosper as even with his dirty tactics he could never keep Phoenix down.

It was a good match, strong opening to the show (wrestling wise) but at the same time the ending didn’t really have much of a impact. Maybe it was the small crowd or the lack of bell or something else but when it was over it just kind of was… Over. But it wasn’t if you get what I mean. The match was very much the story of getting Danny from being cheered to booed. Phoenix beating him should have felt like over coming the odds of a guy that was doing his best to win no matter what the cost but it just kind of ended and THEN Danny got on the mic to tell everyone to kneel to him because he was a god (I had a bad knee so didn’t want to BUT I also admit to starting a Jason King chant at the same time.)

I think the match suffered from the atmosphere not being right for it, the actual match was solid, great shenanigans from Danny but some rather wobbly moments in the middle.

I like heel Danny, I liked being part of the side of the crowd that were just automatically his fans, and I think he played it well. It just didn’t work on the night.

His speech at the end of the match had me in tears (when I wasn’t chanting for Jason King) he’s unbelievably good on the mic and it’ll be interesting to see everyone else’s reaction to him becoming self proclaimed god of LEP. I felt Phoenix needed to do something more then just let him have fans bow to him in the ring, he was the new champion and kind of was happy to leave the person he just beat to babble on after being beaten. Good match though.

They also had a young guy doing the refereeing. He didn’t do bad, he needs to ignore smart asses at ringside more though, he did look a little lost on how to act when Danny wouldn’t get in the ring. He half heartedly started to count him out just to half heartedly stop and not be happy at the crowd shouting at him to continue his count. Still did a good job though.

Winner : David Fury

Another good match, nothing more then that really. I like both guys but there was no real fire to the match. It was all kind of too clean and felt like it was over too fast whilst at the same time the ending felt like it went on forever. I like Dimitri’s submission, the big knuckles to the side of the head, but he kept it locked in too long and then Fury winning by it whilst a brilliant move suffered from it having already been planted on Fury himself for too long beforehand.

Ivanov is fun though, he’s such a good laugh, the guy has a ton of character and he’s good in the ring. Fury is the coolest though, he just looks like he’s going to kick just about anyone’s ass if they step in the ring with him.

As I said the match was good but nothing better then that really.

Winners : Vincent ‘Mad Dog’ Andrews & Maximo Jr

I was a tiny bit distracted through this match but what I saw of it was amazing.

Don’t know much about Johns but the two times I’ve seen him he’s been pretty good. The other three though are just amazing. I love everything about Harrison, every time I see him there is something new to love about the guy. He’s a tough one though as he tends to take a lot of the punishment or just get beat up a lot for his mouth. Got perfect timing though. Andrews I think is one of the best wrestlers down here at the moment, sure he’s got a long way to go but you can see how naturally good he is and he brings out the best he has in every match. I love watching him. Maximo is just so much fun as well. I loved the 619 into a RKO, talk about great team timing.

Pretty sad I was distracted as what I saw of it the match was probably one of the best of the night.

After the match Harrison got on the mic to complain about how it wasn’t his fault. Not sure why Manson came down to the ring but ever since Bodmin I’ve been intrigued by him, that Bodmin Street Fight was something else. He seemed to want Harrison to calm down and go to the bar with him, not sure Harrison is old enough to be invited to a bar he looks like a baby, either way Harrison obviously didn’t want to shake his hand and go to the bar and ended up getting a kendo stick to the face.

When I say that Harrison has perfect timing, the guy ended up crawling out of the room to the backstage area, if like me you were watching the escapades of him on his way out he fell over twice, had his shirt thrown at him and still crawled off. It was comedy gold and there probably weren’t many people watching but he stuck too it and I was impressed. The guy is something else.

Winners : Winners & Sinners

I was in the unusual spot of not cheering for PJ Jones for the first time ever. His team found themselves up against Jason King and Adam Flint.

Adam Flint was amazing. I thought I’d start with that. Jones and Baines didn’t give King and Flint time to get to the ring but when they did and King tagged in Flint he was like a little rocket out of his corner. He’s great fun to watch and like King you can’t help but love him. I was really impressed at how well they worked together as a team, not only were they wearing matching red they actually were pretty much in sync the whole match through.

The one time I’m being professional and not calling them the Munchkin Court is the one time they actually were made to look like Munchkins. Winners & Sinners had the upper hand the majority of the match, the chaos near the end was great and I was sad and BOOING The Winner winning.

Jason King is a amazing cheerleader by the way. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve fallen in love with a anime show about male cheerleaders and he would be brilliant in that team.

Best part of the match though was Kings running knees to PJ Jones, I don’t know if they were actually meant to use their momentum for King to fall out of the ring but Jones took it as a victory even if he just walked right back into the knees when King figured out where he’d landed. Honestly my favourite part of any of Jason King’s matches recently have been his running knees.

These two guys seriously are amazing.

Winner : Maximo Jr

LEP need to find better ladders. There was one ladder in there that you cringed every time anyone tried to climb it because it was obvious no one seemed to know how to set it up. One of the weirdest looking ladders I’ve ever seen.

Match was fantastic though. All these guys really put it on the line for it. Some of the moves honestly brought tears to our eyes, we didn’t want to watch half the time. To be honest the chair that was brought into the ring had slightly more use then the ladders, Ivanov did stick a ladder over his head at one point and a lot of people did get thrown into them but it was the sick chair shots that was the worst.

I felt the match came down to Pearn, Harrison and Ivanov so was pretty surprised when Maximo won though Maximo was on the other side of the ring most of the match so we didn’t get to see him. Ivanov trying to hit the briefcase down with his flag pole was unusual he didn’t even hit it with any conviction just kind of prodded at it. He actually did most of the damage really, the guy was difficult to put down. Harrison so very nearly had it too at one point.

The wonky ladder was the winner of the night though. Man that ladder was something to behold.

Got to give it to them all though, they took a beating. Not one of them walked out of that match without going through hell and Maximo deserved that briefcase. I personally wanted Mad Dog to get it but Maximo was a close second. He now has a shot at Jason King which will be interesting.


OK so it wasn’t the best night. I think the lack of crowd dampened it a little. I said for some matches that in normal circumstances it would have played out better because you’d have the reaction from the crowd, even though we tried to be as loud as possible some moments were lost in silence though. John Harding didn’t do a bad job as the MC, he brought his own unique personality to it. Did like his interviews.

That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the evening. They have some great guys who are always worth going out to see.

Danny’s heel turn is hilarious. He really made it work, sad he lost the belt but its interesting to see where he goes with his whole “I am a god” spiel. If anyone can make that kind of thing work it’ll be him.

All six of the guys in the MitB match were amazing, it was one hell of a match and it worked really well. Sometimes it doesn’t always look that good but they did really well. Nice ending to the evening and great to see someone the crowd really got behind winning the briefcase.

Adam Flint was my man of the night. The guy is really entertaining and he backs it all up in the ring. Him and King make a fantastic duo and if King drops his belt at any point they could very easily destroy all other tag teams in LEP. Really like Flint though, he’s fast becoming one of my favourites. Never enough Jason King but it was nice to hear him after the match and seeing them leave with their heads held high even if they lost. He stood on my foot though, I blame him for being so injured today that I’ve hardly moved but also thought I’d share that knowledge to make you all jealous. King and Flint either together or singular are must see guys. They really are two extremely talented and really charismatic guys.

I enjoyed the night, they really are a great bunch of guys and can’t wait to see LEP again. I was going to go to Torquay but as our warehouse part timer has left and with people having to have Saturday off I now unfortunately can’t go to that one but it sounds like its going to be a event to go too.

Make sure to check LEP out.

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No photos as my battery pack has died and I needed my phone to survive so I could use my bus ticket. I do have a album of what little photos I did take on my Facebook page. I will be going PWA next week as I have a free ticket (I’m not stupid, take a free ticket!) not sure if I’ll be writing a review though.

I am full time now from now till Christmas pretty much and working every Sunday so…. We’ll see what happens in the future.


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