Servamp : Nothing Begins without Action…

Episode 8

Hajime ni Okonai Ariki (はじめに行いありき)

So Kuro is inactive as he’s stuck in a ball, Mahiru needs some fast character development to save the day and the others are going to face Tsubaki and save Licht and Lawless.


The simplicity is real with Tetsu. Him and Misono can’t see or hear Kuro in the ball but hearing that he’s stuck in there they decide to take action and to the simple mind of Tetsu just breaking the ball is good enough. It isn’t that easy of course but it was funny seeing him so determined.

Suddenly the manager for Licht shows up and real plans are formed. He knows that Holy Water will slow Vampires down and where does he get that water? From the Antiques Dealer.

They split. Mahiru goes to find the Antiques Dealer, the Eve of Envy whilst the others formulate a plan to save Licht and the Servamp of Greed.

Tsubaki, who was informed via a phone call in the last episode that one of his Subclass’s are still alive and hostage to his enemies, uses his powers to find out where that Subclass is. It gives a good idea of the power he has as he’s able to make Mahiru think he was blowing up the train Mahiru was on. What he does learn is that he can’t find his Subclass so he has to go along with what the group tell him.

So Mahiru in his quest to save Kuro?

He finds the right store, wrong person in there. The Doctor he finds at the apartment is hilarious, he honestly is just crazy. He doesn’t seem to get on with Mikuni, the Antiques Dealer, and beheads one of his dolls and makes a drink out of it so he can drink it and be closer to her. The two of them are eccentric beyond all words.

To be honest those two don’t really do much to help him, or I guess that is a lie. Its more of a prolonged introduction to them and their crazy but they do finally decide too help by sending Mahiru into Kuro’s mind. Oh and Mikuni also tells us two interesting tidbits. One that he’s Misono’s brother the other is that to kill a Servamp you have to break the gift that the Eve gave to the Servamp to bind them. So for example in the case of Kuro it would be the cats bell that Mahiru gave him.

Elsewhere and the plan gets underway, not too sure about Misono’s disguise but it doesn’t matter as Sakuya ends up cornering him.

I really liked the piece with the Doctor and Mikuni but it just makes me want to know more about them. They make instant impressions because they are so eccentric but its obvious that Mikuni knows a lot more then he’s letting on and at some point Mahiru will need to sit down and actually listen to what people have to say. Time is of the essence though as we all know that Mahiru needs to reunite with Kuro so that the two of them can save the day. It’ll be interesting to see how Mahiru helps Kuro and if they can become stronger.

Then again personally its the others I’m more invested in even if we know less about them. Go figure.


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