Servamp : Lawless

Episode 10

Lawless (ロウレス)

With this episode entitled Lawless I can’t wait to see more of Greed and Licht!

Compared to the last episode and the bonding of Mahiru and Kuro this one blew it out of the water. Possibly my favourite episode of the series and maybe my favourite anime episode of the whole of 2016.

I don’t know why but I just really like Licht and Lawless.

The two of them bickering and arguing might be funny but there is something beautiful in their relationship as well.

This episode moved me more then any in this series. Learning the backstory of Lawless was just horrible. The guy was caught as a vampire and hung up to probably die, a Princess saved him even though he hurt her at first. She grew up with him by her side and he fell in love with her, she was to get married and he offered to run away with her but she decided peace for her country was more important. When he then found out the new country she was in was going to kill her she refused to run once more wanting to it bring peace to this country too.

It broke him but the very next thing he had to do was go to the vote and decide whether they were going to kill their creator.

Of course he then got angrier.

He’d just seen the woman he loved die for peace and instead of looking out for family and trying to find another way to sort whatever problem they have they decided to kill instead.

When he got back to the town he found that a bigger and more powerful country had taken over and destroyed everything.

Heartbreak after heartbreak. Pain and tragedy. They piled onto him, never giving him a chance to breath until suddenly he is what we see today.

After the story was told Licht had his say.

Of course Licht doesn’t look at it the same way as Lawless, he plays a song on the piano and Lawless complains that its sad whilst Licht tells him that it isn’t the song that’s sad its Lawless.

The abrasiveness of the two of them work.

Licht is confident of himself. Licht knows what he wants and he hasn’t got time for people who won’t move forward. Whilst Lawless see’s everyone as being pointless Licht points out the only person who is pointless is him. If Lawless isn’t going to put effort into BEING someone he never will be anyone.

The names that Licht call Lawless is cute! I loved Mob Hedgehog. Their relationship just brims with character even if they spend most of their time arguing. There is a realness about their relationship that I feel more then I do about Mahiru and his sadness with Kuro.

So it won’t surprise anyone’s name that a man with Jekylland in his name would call his Servamp Hyde.

That split personality thing and fighting for control fits them perfectly but now they need to use that understanding they now seem to have to destroy Higan.

As I said it was probably my favourite episode of anything in 2016.



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