Servamp : I’m Not Wrong

Episode 9

Ore wa Machigattenai (おれはまちがってない)

Mahiru is going into the mind of Kuro whilst Misono comes face to face with Sakuya. Things look like they are about to get interesting.

So for the plan to work they needed Tsubaki out of the building, they did this by playing with him, sending him out to find his Subclass and wasting his time by playing hide and seek with a bunch of Lawless’s Subclass Vampire’s in Whale Mascot Suits. Of course Tsubaki doesn’t want to hurt his Subclass so its a intricate game they are going to be playing.

Tsubaki as the bad guy never disappoints. He doesn’t go all out, or at least we never see him go all out, which makes you believe he truly does just care about his Subclass’s.

Not only that but its soon shown that actually he was a step ahead of absolutely everyone.

Lawless and Licht aren’t apart from each other, the plan to save them was based on one being in the basement and the other in the penthouse but it turns out that they are in adjoining rooms. Sakuya points out to Misono that he’s just got to keep him busy because their target is actually Pride, why they are targeting Hugh we never find out.

Whilst they thought Higan would be on his own whilst the others together it turns out that Sakuya is on his own and Higan is with the others and Tetsu runs right into them.

When Licht and Lawless realise that  they are the opposite side of the wall from each other it was hilarious. But the coolest moment of the whole anime so far was Lawless moaning about how weak and pointless humans were just for Licht to get bored of his snivelling and break free of his restraints and knock down the wall.

Such a great moment.

I guess the important part of the episode though was Mahiru inside of Kuro’s mind.

Its like a puzzle. You have to figure it out before anything can happen. When he finally gets to the important part he see’s the day they decided on who was going to kill their creator. As I speculated the reason that Greed doesn’t like Sloth is that along with Lust, Pride and Envy he agreed not only that the creator should die but at his hands.

Certain parts of his memory hasn’t been shown though. How the creator creates the Servamps for example was kind of glitched out of the memory.

The title of the episode is important.

It turns out that it wasn’t just Mahiru that was undecided but Kuro himself. He’d agreed to do what he did and did it.  Was it right or wrong? All his siblings other then Greed forgave him and no one had the balls to stand up to him and point out that what he did might be wrong.

Of course Mahiru tells him that its up to him to decide whether it is right or wrong, obviously Kuro thinks that its wrong therefore it was wrong but being wrong doesn’t make you a bad person. Admitting you did wrong is the important thing.

It was a great message but I don’t see how it helps Mahiru.

Whilst Mahiru has decided who he is, that he’ll stand up and force Kuro to see through his pain I don’t see how it helps Mahiru in the long run. At the end of the day he still thinks its adulthood vs being a child. Complexity vs Simplicity. It’ll be interesting to see how he feels after all this. Or if he remembers his actual friends still at school?


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