Servamp : For Not Forgiving Me

Episode 11

Yurusanaide Kurete (許さないでくれて)

The last episode was may favourite so far. This being the penultimate episode you can but guess that its going to be a good one.

Lots of things happened. Lots of things happened extremely dramatically.

I don’t know at what point this anime is going to end, I thought it would be with war with Tsubaki but there is a higher power at work and ending EVERYTHING this way and then in the final episode defeating Tsubaki.

I’m getting ahead of myself though.

To be honest I feel this episode proved any fears I had wrong and right at the same time.

Licht and Hyde are able to defeat Higan and in dramatic style, they prove that they are the real deal in a way that none of the others we’ve met, other then Misono’s brother, are. They aren’t fighting at their fullest though else I don’t think Higan would have ever been a problem. Thing is when Higan first met Licht he was suffering from not being anywhere near Hyde, next time they meet and Licht is still wounded from his first fight, wounded from fighting Hyde and yet… Together they stood tall. Loved that he managed to trick Higan and draw a piano on his arm. The two of them are a real force to be reckoned with.

As they were busy fighting Higan the others are having slightly more success as Belkia, for whatever reason they needed to, managed to make Hugh disappear. This is bad for Tetsu who needs to find Hugh soon, just like Licht needed Hyde, but for a second it also put them on the back foot against their opponents.

I always said that Mahiro and Kuro would save the day though and they did.

Mahiro showed up with Kuro in his true form, that of giant Lion. They then destroyed all who stood in their way. I don’t really know what Mahiro’s point of view is now but at least they are all together again.

Just as they are finishing up, and Kuro thanks Hyde for never forgiving him, shit gets real once more.

Their hostage who was all but forgotten about snatches the dog tags off of Hyde either to kill Hyde or just to provoke them to kill him. Thankfully the whole situation is ended by Tsubaki but with him holding one of his brothers life line in his hands I doubt its going to go well for anyone.


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