Servamp : Because I am…

Episode 7

Naze Nara Ore wa (なぜなら俺は)

Meeting Lawless was all a bit of a headache, the Servamp of Greed is a funny guy, well until you realise underneath the laugh is quite a horrid person. Mahiru is one step closer to being able to get to Tsubaki but what will he do if he does get there?

Misono and how much he cares about Mahiru is so cute. I really love the bond he’s grown with Mahiru and just how protective he can be. the guy is a great character. Then again the relationship between all three of these Eves are pretty awesome. Tetsu calling Mahiru big brother but calling Misono shorty made me laugh too much. There always seems so much to get through in this series, so much action all the time that we never really get to see them just bonding. Its the biggest shame because them three are great together and seeing the Servamps together is always great.

I like the fact that Mahiru knows that Tsubaki will come for his Subclass. I’d like to think no matter how bad the guy is he really does care about his  Subclass’s.

After everything that happened in the last episode, especially with the sad song that Licht played, Kuro has gone a bit funny. Again it is Mahiru that fails him though, he doesn’t force himself on Kuro because he doesn’t think its his place but what that also does is mean that once again Kuro can’t trust Mahiru to be strong enough for them both. In fact he doesn’t really seem to care that Kuro is hurting, as Kuro begs Mahiru to call others to help Licht who is in trouble Mahiru ignores him just banking on Kuro’s strength to be enough.

Why is Licht in trouble?

At the end of the episode before Lawless is kidnapped by Tsubaki who isn’t too happy that he defeated all his Subclass’s, this means that Licht has started to suffer. Whilst looking for Lawless he’s met by the one person that Mahiru is told to avoid, the Number 2 of Tsubaki’s group and the strongest member, Higan.

If I loved Licht and Lawless I loved Higan just as much. The Musician, the Actor and now the Artist.

His whole “Old Man” thing made me laugh and he was just as tough as you’d expect. It was a great fight between the two that, already weakened and separated from his Servamp, Licht lost. When Mahiru tried to help all he succeed in doing was destroy Kuro and turn him into a ball.

What I really enjoyed about the episode was that someone finally pointed out to Mahiru that everything he says sounds nice but is idealistic and he needs to grow up a little. His inability to make his mind up means that Kuro suffers too, he can’t go full out because he can’t focus. Now Mahiru’s inability to stand face-to-face with Kuro has meant that Kuro is trapped in a ball.

I guess I like that we’re finally getting some character development with Mahiru, he’s having to think about who he is and what he wants to become. Its much more interesting then what he’s been so far. The thing is I don’t want him to give up on his moral stance I just want him to be more decisive. Its difficult to like a character that seems to change their mind depending on whoever it is they are facing. I like that he wants to bring peace to Tsubaki’s sadness, that he wants to save Sakuya…

I don’t like that he thinks he has to do it on his own with Kuro and I’m also not sure why he seems to think him and Kuro are so much more important then any other Eve and their Servamp. He can’t even look Kuro in the face and force him to tell him his woes, he’s completely forgotten about all his friends at school, in fact from episode one to now the whole thing has changed. He just seems to be a shell filled with lots of different moral reasoning that needs to be in the thick of it at all times so that he can get on his high horse. I’ve compared him once to Naegi in Danganronpa because its the same kind of character but whereas Naegi clings to hope and uses it as a weapon, Mahiru clings to morality and simplicity and stands in the corner looking sad.

Got to give it to him though. That whole inability to figure stuff out right now is making a extremely interesting story and his character development, which is much needed, looks like its going to be extremely interesting. Plus it means that he’s out of the picture to save Licht and Lawless as well so we should get to see some more of the other Eves working together.

Just over the halfway point and its just about to get real.


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